M Booth at AMNH: “The office is still buzzing about it.”

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Every business has stakeholders: customers, shareholders, employees. And “stakeholder care” is important to build a thriving, successful company.

For your employees, one of the best ways to boost them up is by hosting fun team building activities. You can do leadership training or communication training, but the best activities also have an element of play. When your team plays together, you build a more cohesive group, and a day of fun can go a LONG way to building a dedicated and productive team.

Museum Hack lives and breathes team bonding. We can help you plan fun team events, indoor and outdoor activities for your office, engaging workshops, and other activities that will energize your team.

Recently, we a had a fun group from M Booth come on one of our tours at the American Museum of Natural History. We played games, we took exercise breaks, and yes there were dinosaurs. Here is a testimonial from Lauren M, an M Booth team member:

Our team building event at American Museum of Natural History was SO great! The office is still buzzing about it. The guides were just off-the-charts awesome and knowledgeable. Thank you!
-Lauren M., from M Booth

m booth

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