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Meet Lindsay, one of our fabulous NYC tour guides! Read on to find out about one of the scariest things Lindsay’s ever done in her life and why she’d love to bring a Ouija board to a night at the museum. 

Museum Hack: What are three fun facts about you most people don’t know?

  • I’ve lived in 6 different states.
  • I have the same dream every 5 years.
  • I once accidentally stabbed myself with an epipen.

Museum Hack: If you had to be trapped in the Museum overnight, what would you do?

I would take all of the elevators to the floors I typically can’t get to!

Museum Hack: If you could work at any other museum, which one would you choose?

The New Museum!

Museum Hack: If you were to be reincarnated as an animal, which would it be and why?

I would definitely be a dolphin (the mammal, not the fish) because I could do flips in the water 24/7.

Museum Hack: If you could have a drink with one person in history for 15 min, who would it be with and what are you drinking?

My dad’s uncle. He was a performer in LA and I never got to meet him. We would have martinis. Definitely.

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