How To Turn New Visitors Into Lifelong Fans Of Your Museum: MODA Case Study

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The Museum of Design Atlanta is a super cool place. There’s nothing quite like it nearby, as MODA is the only museum in its region focused on design.

But there was one area museum staff wanted to improve on when it came to the visitor experience. Staff didn’t want to just bring more people through their doors; they wanted to better engage them from the moment they arrived. The museum wanted visitors to have such an incredible experience, that they’d become lifelong visitors of the collection.

Zak with MODA staff.

We sent Tour Guide + Creative Associate Zak Martellucci to Atlanta to help MODA staff reimagine their guest engagement model.

Zak spent a day with the museum’s staff of seven, crafting and leading a custom version of our Audience Engagement Workshop, designed to address the staff’s most important concerns about revisiting the guest experience at their museum.

Step One: How To Hack

The first part of our workshop focuses on teaching the methods we use to bring objects to life. We use the same guiding principles to craft museum tours in every institution we work in. They’re easily adaptable to just about anything you can think of.

Our 5 Elements of a Hack workshop teaches museum staff how to take these basic principles and apply them to their own museum. Once MODA staff had the structure down, they were able to see their museum’s collections in a new light — and craft incredible, engaging stories about the objects that would blow the minds of museumgoers.

Step Two: Encourage guests to interact with your museum

Discovering how to tell engaging stories about the collection is just one part of the equation.

Our museum tours involve interactive activities that encourage guests to participate beyond just listening. We love including activities to help guests feel more invested in the museum’s stories and spaces.

We led a workshop with MODA staff designed to walk them through the types of activities we find work best in the museum.

From encouraging guests to speak their mind about the art to embracing our love of smartphones to crafting missions to help guests connect with the space in unexpected ways, our activities are designed to promote a deeper, more personal connection to the collections — and that’s what keeps guests returning for more.

“It went great! We loved it!”

MODA’s staff had a great time participating in our Audience Engagement workshop, and we loved working with them!

“We are eager to rewrite some of our tours and get started working with visitors in the galleries in different ways and to start thinking about how to engage visitors from the very minute they walk in the door.”

written with 💖 by Carly Syms

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