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We are happy to announce that Lia Barcellona Tamborra has been promoted to Tour Development and Creative Manager.

In this role she will be responsible for the quality of our public and VIP museum tours, as well as directing creative input on our special projects.

 “Lia has shown an incredible work ethic and commitment to Museum Hack and our mission of amazing museum experiences. We are excited to see her take on this new role!“
-Nick Gray, CEO of Museum Hack

Lia leading a corporate tour

Lia will be working specifically on Tour Development. With that she will be taking our renegade museum tours to the next level. Finding the brightest people in NYC, DC, and SF and training them on how we do what we do. That includes games and activities and immersive experiences. Essentially she will making our tours — which are the best museum tours ever — even better.

Lia is one of the most dedicated and hardworking people I’ve ever met in the creative field. Not only does she come up with highly inventive, joyful, weird, amazing stories, songs, and experiences, but she does MASSIVE amounts of research, rehearsal, and preparation that really allows her to rock her stuff out hard. I love setting up crazy adventures for her, because I always know she’ll knock it out of the park.”
Mark Kennedy, VIP Sales for Museum Hack

Lia in the Peacock Room

 As Creative Manager, she will manage the creative energy of Museum Hack’s educators, performers, artists and scientists to unleash it into new areas like company training, team building, brand analysis, experiential learning, museum consulting, and more. This will include working on a lot of special projects with various members of the Museum Hack team through out the business.

We asked Lia what she thought of her new position, and she said:

“I am psyched to be with such a cool group of people doing groundbreaking creative work. There is a lot of exciting things happening in Museum Hack in the tentacles of our business. I’m excited to unfurl those tentacles into special creative projects.”
-Lia Barcellona Tamborra, Tour Development and Creative Manager at Museum Hack

Met Harry and Lia
“Lia is truly a creative dynamo at Museum Hack. Whether crafting super-specialized content for a large corporate client, embodying James Whistler at the Freer & Sackler Galleries in DC, helping train our guides in NYC, DC and SF or just doing her awesome thing on tour at the Met, Lia’s passion and enthusiasm for the work we do at Museum Hack is beyond-incredible. We are lucky to get to work alongside her every single day…and occasionally score scooter rides home!”
Ethan Angelica, Head of VIP Partnerships for Museum Hack
Lia and Ethan #MuseumHack
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