Top 5 Lessons We Learned From Artpace After Hours About Creating Young Professionals Programs

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Have you thought about launching a program aimed at young professionals or millennials, but don’t really know where to start?

A few months ago, we met a museum educator, Kaela Hoskings, from Artpace San Antonio. She told us about her program, Artpace After Hours, an evening event aimed at young professionals that has been super successful.

You can check out the whole interview with her to find out things like how hosting these kind of events can convert 20-25% of visitors into new members and tips on getting regular visitors to bring new people to your space.


Artpace After Hours Tip 1 Keep groups small and intimate
Artpace After Hours Tip 2 Stay focused
Artpace After Hours Tip 3 value in starting small and experimenting
Artpace After Hours Tip 4 young professionals want to be social connected
Artpace After Hours Tip 5 opening your doors and getting people involved is very important
Artpace After Hours credits

Read the full interview here.

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