Upgrade Your Leadership Skills In One Day With An Intensive Leadership Workshop

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Consulting Case Studies November 23, 2019 Upgrade Your Leadership Skills In One Day With An Intensive Leadership Workshop

“I know that Museum Hack doesn’t just encourage people to fit into the Museum Hack mold so much as it encourages people to be the most interesting versions of themselves. That was very important to me in a workshop.”

Leadership isn’t one size fits all.

There are many ways to be a leader – some good and same bad – but we firmly believe that great leaders don’t have to be cut from the same cloth. At Museum Hack, we embrace different methods of leadership and want to enhance individual styles in our intensive leadership workshop.

Our guides lead a workshop.

We lead museum tours all day every day and along that journey, we’ve picked up some tips and tricks about keeping people interested, engaged, and happy. We like to say that our museum tours are for people who don’t like museums, and in order to convert those skeptics into believers, we know we have to be at the top of our game every time we step into the Met or the American Museum of Natural History or the National Gallery of Art.

We’ve also learned how to best relate to millennials and millennial-minded individuals to make a maximum impact. We believe that what we’ve discovered is super valuable, not only to us as we lead museum tours, but to a workforce that’s about to begin welcoming more and more millennials into its leadership ranks.

Our Leadership Workshop, an intensive one-day program, is designed to teach all levels of leaders, whether one has just been appointed to a new role or one is a seasoned executive who has been managing a team for a decade, our best tips, tricks, and strategies for being a better version of their leadership self.

Last month, we rolled out our new workshop for a group of more than a dozen NYC professionals. These folks worked for a variety of companies, including a media conglomerate, a world-renowed beauty franchise, and a Fortune 15 powerhouse. All of the attendees were in different places on their leadership arcs, with some just starting out and others who’d been in a management role for years.

Before arriving, each participant took a short quiz that revealed their leadership color. That color corresponded directly to each person’s leadership style, which would go on to guide much of what we showed them during the workshop.

The day began at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where we treated guests to our signature storytelling techniques with a short museum tour. We placed a special emphasis on truly impressive leaders featured in the museum’s collections. Each leader we highlighted on the tour corresponded to one of the four leadership colors from the quiz, giving workshop participants a real-world example of the type of leader they – and their fellow participants – are. The idea that there are multiple types of successful leaders resonated with attendees.

“Not everyone is going to be a leader like Bill Pullman in Independence Day who stands up and gives a rousing speech,” one participant said after the tour. “There are people who can give rousing speeches, there are people who are sort of organized and have a lot of ideas, and there are impulsive risk-takers. Museum Hack acknowledged that every one of those types was not just valid as a person, but a valid type of leader who could capitalize on the strengths inherent to their leadership type. That was a really reassuring way to start the day. I’ve rarely identified with leaders because I’ve never met one quite like me and I walked away from this believing I was a viable type of leader.”

Following the tour and discussion of leadership types, we got down to business with the true guts of the day: our Five Elements of a Hack storytelling presentation. Storytelling is the most critical part of everything we do at Museum Hack and we use five principles that we’ve refined over time to help spin our tales. After teaching attendees what the five elements are, we explained how they relate to leadership – and how each participant can put those elements to work directly for them when managing their teams.

“They showed us how to take the thing about them that we thought was unattainable and how to bring it into our offices and our daily lives, and I think that’s fantastic. I really thought Museum Hack’s special sauce was just that they found amazing people, but it turns out, the special sauce can be recreated by people who learn it. The five elements create such a sense of engagement and passion in me and I think that feeling is contagious. People are going to love what I’m cooking even if they can’t tell me all the ingredients in what I made.” – Robby, leader at a giant media firm, when asked what he enjoyed most about the workshop and Five Elements presentation

After a break for lunch, we jumped into another presentation that defines the Museum Hack method. We believe in taking a reverently irreverent approach to our tours. We seek to entertain before we educate and we believe that, once we’ve captured our audience’s attention, we’re able to inspire natural learning in people who may have otherwise been closed off to the experience.

The last part of the day focused on conflict. The truth is, conflict is unavoidable in the workplace, particularly when you’re in a leadership role, and we wanted to send each attendee back to work armed with a specific toolset for tackling conflict effectively and efficiently. After a discussion about how to handle the different emotions that creep up in a leadership role, we broke for the day, with several participants choosing to join us for post-workshops drinks at a nearby cafe.

Our introductory leadership workshop was a huge success! We loved taking the methods that work for us in the museum and shaping them for the workplace.

“The people who should take this workshop are people who are super creative and can’t believe they’re in an office and people who have spent their whole lives in an office and can’t believe that they’re creative.” – Leadership Workshop participant

Join us to upgrade your leadership skills! Send us an email at [email protected], or give us a call at 1-800-210-9676 for more information.

written with 💖 by Carly Hill

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