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Team Building September 26, 2015 Featured Image
LDPR tour ready to go!
Attendees from LDPR ready to begin their Metropolitan Museum of Art tour.

We’ve published dozens of stories about guests that have come on our tours and had a great time. These museum experiences will whisk your team off to all the hidden, awesome, amazing places in the Met that most visitors rarely get to see.

Teams who have joined us on tour often send great testimonials. We love this, but after a recent tour we did with LDPR, they went the extra mile and wrote an entire post about their experience. You can read it here:

Last month, the LDPR team headed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for a team-building private tour. This wasn’t your typical trip to the museum — with the spunky Museum Hack guides leading the way, we took in some of the “most overlooked” pieces of art, snapped Polaroid photos with our favorite statues, and learned about 17th century German drinking games. Halfway through this non-traditional team building excursion, we paused in the museum’s stairwell, where our guide handed out chocolate to keep our energy up and fight the dreaded “museum fatigue.”

We didn’t even need the sugar and caffeine boost. The tour was such a fun, different way to see the Met, a familiar, yet overwhelming museum for most of us. With 270,000 works of art over 2.3 million square feet, it can be hard to know where to start, or how to take it all in. Instead of trying to deep-dive and cram tons of information into one night, our Museum Hack guides took us through various wings where they told fun stories, encouraged us to play games, and really made the museum approachable and enjoyable.
– From the LDPR blog

Read the whole post here

LDPR conquering museum fatigue by posing as bears during our team building event.
LDPR Team conquered museum fatigue by becoming bears!


Our corporate events help build stronger, more tight-knit employees. We conquer group fatigue and experience the museum on an adventure led by our passionate staff of renegade tour guides.

On most tours, we will visit the Temple of Dendur, the American Wing, Musical Instruments, Modern and Contemporary Galleries, and Asian Galleries, to name a few.  We can also customize our tours to meet the unique needs of your company.

LDPR group at Metropolitan Museum of Art
LDPR group on the steps of the American Wing at the Met


Find out more about our team building events at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

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