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At Museum Hack we are passionate early adopters. We love to experiment with new technology that can improve our business processes and support our team. We use online tools like Jazz for hiring, Justworks for payroll & benefits, and I Done This for tracking our daily progress.

Today’s post is about one of our favorite team building technologies, Know Your Company. Basically, this tool allows you to broadcast questions to your team and collect their answers in one place. At the end of the “question period”, the system sends out everyones answers. Know Your Company is a great setup for asking tough business questions like, “can you list our company mission statement and values?”; and also fun icebreakers like, “what’s your go to breakfast food?”

Here’s more about how it works…


How to Use Know Your Company as a Team Building Activity

Know Your Company’s tagline is “don’t be the last to know”, and this is suitable because it’s a platform both for management to better understand what is happening in the company, and for coworkers to know each other a little better.

From a management perspective, there are different ways to keep tabs on what your team is doing, and how they are feeling about it. You can do quarterly reviews, employee surveys, etc. But really, the best way to get an update from your team members is to just ask!

Every team has a variety of personalities, so there will be different approaches to communication. Exceptions: The Foot Clan, Putties and those cute aliens from Toy Story. With your team, some folks are quick to share their thoughts about business processes, decisions, feelings, etc., while others don’t have that same comfort level. Some people will have valuable ideas to share, but will hold back with hesitations like, “I don’t know if it’s my place to share”, or “I don’t want to rock the boat.” Know Your Company is for everybody, but is especially useful for those folks that just need prompted with a quick question.

Example Questions You Can Ask On Know Your Company

Here are some examples of questions we’ve asked on Know Your Company in the past six months:

  • What’s your favorite movie and how many times have you seen it?
  • What’s your favorite breakfast cereal?
  • What love do you have to send to Mark before he leave for his wedding/honeymoon?
  • Do you have a favorite artist that isn’t as well known as some others? Tell me about him/her.
  • How well do you know Museum Hack’s Values? Could you list them?
  • Do you think we’re doing our best work right now?
  • We’ve officially soft launched in Chicago! We have 3 lead guides Mark, Sarah, and Elise that will begin regular beta tour for September! What do you need in your departments to support our new city?
  • Pets… What are they, how many, and what are their names?
  • Have you been confused by any recent decisions at the company?
  • Do you have a favorite charity you wish more people knew about?
  • Is there something we should measure in the company that we currently do not?

As you can see, some of the questions we ask on Know Your Company are fun “icebreaker” type questions, and others are more serious questions about our business and processes. Not every team member contributes an answer to every question, but every answer contributed is valuable and has helped us improve as an organization.

Overall, we highly recommend you experiment with Know Your Company as a tool to improve your team dynamics and communication. Of all the team building tools we use at Museum Hack, Know Your Company is perhaps the most user friendly and easy to implement – it’s team feedback and icebreakers made easy.

Next Steps: Trying Know Your Company

Are you thinking about trying Know Your Company? Check out our list of 100 Icebreaker Questions to Ask Your Team.

written with 💖 by Carly Syms

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