How To Plan An Amazing Birthday Party For Kids In A Museum

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Planning a kids’ birthday party that can keep a dozen children entertained for a few hours can be tough, but planning a party that will interest a handful of nine-year-olds inside a museum?

It may sound impossible, but it was a Herculean task we were ready and willing to undertake when a father contacted us about arranging a private family tour focused on Greek mythology for his daughter and her friends. The group of children all loved mythology, thanks to the popular Percy Jackson series, and wanted a party worthy of Mount Olympus.

A guide reveals the secret stories behind the art.
A guide reveals the secret stories behind the art.

Our team of researchers jumped into the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s impressive collections to dig up the most interesting,  kid-friendly stories about the gods and goddesses of the ancient world. We uncovered artwork about the myth of Clytie, who was turned into a flower as she pined for unrequited love, and told the story of Daphne, who was turned into a tree so she didn’t have to kiss Apollo.

Children enjoy themselves in the museum.

We mixed in fun games and activities, along with a recharging juice break, to keep the children fresh and entertained in between stories about the art. At the end of the party, the gang had gone on an adventure that was worthy of Percy Jackson, and they loved it!

“Somehow, the guide was able to keep 9 children fascinated for two hours of walking around a museum, even after I only fed them juice and bags of Lay’s potato chips. My daughter said it was her best birthday party ever.” – Jason, father of the birthday girl

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