Kids In Art Playing Games That Definitely Make Sense And I Would Totally Play Now

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Fun Stuff June 26, 2020 Kids In Art Playing Games That Definitely Make Sense And I Would Totally Play Now

Art history is just like us! People hang out around fountains, everyone loves pictures of themselves, and children play dumb games. We’re not so different after all. (Except for Bella. SHUT UP BELLA YOU ARE A DOG TODAY.)

These are all games that people in art play that I think would be fun to play too. We’ll let the people in the art explain the rules of the game to you.

The Children of Nathan Starr

“Alright everyone. Now hold up your hairbrushes. Lilly is going to hold up an enormous needle and try to poke all your eyes out but don’t let her. Okay yeah perfect Saturday afternoon activity, I’m just going to read now, have fun.”

Jean Monet (1867–1913) on His Hobby Horse

“Great, so, the game is you get on a horse but it’s really just a bike because I’m scared of real horses do not laugh at me you heathen.”

Three children carrying a tray

“Ok so the game is make George carry the tray and if he drops it then we all get glass in our eyes. But here’s the twist, we’re carrying George. Ok Bob carry him on your head, that makes this more fun. Great idea ha ha I love danger.”

The Children of Homer Ramsdell, Esq.

“Ok the game is that Me and Kira are going to act like twins and Bella you just be the dog. Bella. Dogs don’t talk keep your mouth closed.”

written with 💖 by Carly Hill

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