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Corporate May 20, 2019 Storytelling Masterclass: Kickstarter

It’s no secret that we LOVE a good story at Museum Hack.

And not just because stories are entertaining, exciting, and a great way to bring people together.

We love stories because they help convey truly powerful and meaningful messages that can have huge implications for people AND brands.

If you need further proof of the power of stories, just take a look at the storytelling masters: Kickstarter.

Kickstarter founded an entire company (and like, a million subsequent companies) on the premise that storytelling is extremely meaningful.

Let’s take a look at three lessons we learned from the storytelling masters, Kickstarter.

#1: People Will Give You $$$ (Sometimes Even Lots of It) If They Like Your Story

Kickstarter’s model is simple: aspiring companies and projects create a page to tell their story. If people like that story, they give the fledgling project some $$$.

While this model may sound like a no-brainer to us now, there was no guarantee that it would actually work. Kickstarter’s success proved that people really do respond to stories.

#2: No Matter How Crazy Your Idea Is, People Will Support It If You Tell An Awesome Story

There are some pretty crazy projects on Kickstarter, from a panini press that toasts the face of Jesus onto your grilled cheese to an ostrich pillow. While these ideas may seem crazy, each and every one of them received tens of thousands of dollars in funding.

What does this prove? If you have a good story, people want to hear it! And they’ll be more likely to support you afterward.

#3: You Should Always Be Yourself When Telling Your Story

The most successful stories on Kickstarter are the ones that stand out: not necessarily because they’re good or bad, but because they’re unique. Each storyteller and each project on Kickstarter has its own spin which makes it stand out. The Kickstarter projects that are the most successful are the ones that take this idea and run with it – they don’t try to be anything else.

Stories are INCREDIBLY powerful. No matter how wild or crazy your idea is, if you share it well, it will resonate with people.

Does your company need some serious storytelling help? Well, then, you’ve read the right post! Here at Museum Hack, we’re experts in crafting engaging brand stories. Get in touch to learn more. We’d love to help. 

written with 💖 by Hayley Milliman

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