Meet Kayla Mahoney

Museum Hack - Renegade Tours

Get to know Kayla Mahoney, one of our fabulous San Francisco tour guides!

Museum Hack: What are three fun facts about you most people don’t know?
I watch at least one episode of Frasier every day, I have a rubber duck collection, my favorite food is french fries.
Museum Hack: If you had to be trapped in the Museum overnight, what would you do?
Wear all the jewelry and sit in all the chairs. 
Museum Hack: If you could work at any other museum, which one would you choose?
The Met.
Museum Hack: If you were to be reincarnated as an animal, which would it be and why?
A baby goat so I could jump around and have my own baby goat YouTube channel.
Museum Hack: If you could have a drink with one person in history for 15 minutes, who would it be and what would you drink?
Me and Big Alma Spreckels would drink martinis big enough to swim in.
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