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Museum Hack is happy to announce the promotion of Kate Downey to Creative Lead and Project Champion! In her role Kate will be responsible for quality assurance and innovation for our existing tours. Plus, she’ll be the creative voice in the business, protecting Museum Hack’s awesomeness.

Kate Downey, Creative Lead and Project Champion, on tour
Kate Downey, Creative Lead and Project Champion, on tour

“Kate is awesome. She is an amazing Tour Guide and has the ability to make anyone fall in love with a museum. Her passionate personality and creative mind are a perfect fit for the Creative Lead. We are excited to see her take on this new position!  – Nick Gray, CEO of Museum Hack

Kate will help us develop brilliant new ideas for customer experiences and act as a creative force behind new projects and products. In addition to being a creative genius, Kate will oversee the hiring process for new guides and vet all new performance related hires. She will shepherd our new tour guides as they transition to employees and give feedback to all guides to help them improve.  Kate’s work will be critical to keeping our tours awesome and exciting.   

“With everything she does, Kate brings a fierce, creative energy! Her combined experience with Museum Hack tour development and sales brings a unique power to the role of Creative Lead and Project Champion. I’m thrilled to join forces with Kate and see what she can accomplish!” Tasia Duske, Staff Manager

Kate Downey co-leading a workshop

Kate’s new role will also include connecting with previous clients. She’ll get feedback for testimonials and pitch opportunities for future collaborations. Acting as part creative genius, part shepherdess, and part project champion, Kate will make sure Museum Hack stays innovative and continues to deliver the epic experiences we are known for!


We asked Kate about her new position, and she said:

“After 3 years with Museum Hack, working in more or less every single facet of the company as it grows, I’m really excited to laser focus on the creative projects. We’re going to get better at the stuff we already do well, make new insanity, and rule the world! I’m particularly excited about hiring and training awesome new guides in all four cities, and building on the success of tours, like Badass Bitches, with more themed tours.” – Kate Downey, Creative Lead & Project Champion

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