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Kate ready for museums!

We are happy to announce that Kate Downey has accepted an offer to join Museum Hack in a new role. Her title is Tour Guide and VIP Sales Associate.

In this position, Kate will be splitting her time between a few different things. She will be helping us grow our sales and working specifically with our Corporate clients to create unique Team Building events. She will also continue giving tours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in addition to assisting with Special Projects (working with Lia Barcellona Tamborra.)

Kate leading a tour at the Met

“Kate is an amazing Tour Guide and Director who has proven her ability to make loads of new people fall in love with the museum. We are looking forward to seeing the amazing things she will do in this new role at Museum Hack. ”
-Nick Gray, Founder and CEO of Museum Hack

Kate leading a tour of the Met

Kate started working with Museum Hack in December 2013. She went on to give the most number of Un-highlights tours of any guide in 2014, and won top awards on TripAdvisor. Kate was Team Lead on our first big training program with The Knickerbocker Hotel and has spent the past several weeks doing outreach to new corporate clients.

I’m so excited to be joining Museum Hack in this new role! It’s completely insane that a year and a half ago I was doing this fun crazy thing a few times a week at the Met with some maniacs, and now it’s my full time mode of employment. I couldn’t ask for anything more challenging, absurd, joyful and rewarding.
Kate Downey, VIP Sale Associate and Tour Guide for Museum Hack

Lia, Ethan, Kate, and Harry

Kate graduated with a BA in Theater and a minor in Psychology from Northeastern University. She has worked extensively in theater, as a director and producer. She has worked at the New York City Opera, the Public, Cherry Lane, and Prague Shakespeare Festival. Kate also runs a tiny renegade theater group called The Survivalists who put up newly written plays in people’s living rooms all over NYC.

Kate Pointing

Here are three fun facts about Kate:

  1. She was raised on an isolated mountain in rural Maine
  2. Kate likes to balance out her intense sweet-tooth by regularly munching on spinach. It’s like food karma.
  3. Her great-grandfather ran away from home to be a strongman in the circus.
Kate taking Pictures

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