Julian Vercoutere Promoted To San Francisco City Lead

Carly Syms

VIP + Marketing Manager

We’re thrilled to announce Julian Vercoutere has been promoted to City Lead of San Francisco!

Julian leading a team building tour in San Francisco

Julian has been with Museum Hack for more than three years and is one of the founding members of our San Francisco team. He works at all of our locations in San Francisco: the SFMoMa, Asian Art Museum, the de Young, and Musée Mécanique. Julian leads a variety of experiences, including team building adventures, storytelling workshops, scavenger hunts, and public tours. Julian has also worked as a consultant for museums as part of Museum Hack’s Audience Development department. 

“Julian has been a key player in all tour guide training in San Francisco. I’m so grateful to have Julian step into the position and we’re excited to see what he will bring to the team! Cheers to Julian and Team SF!” – Tasia Duske, CEO 

As city lead, Julian will be responsible for the daily operations of Museum Hack in San Francisco. He’ll support our local team of tour guides and help drive new tours and product development. Julian will continue to give his world class tours at our San Francisco locations.

Julian had this to say about his new position:

“I’m super excited to take on a larger role for the SF branch of Museum Hack. I’ve been with this branch since the beginning and we have had a lot of great City Leads during that time and I hope that will keep their legacy strong. I’m looking forward to a new year and making sure team SF is still making Museums F*cking Awesome!” 

We’re so excited to see what’s next for San Francisco with Julian at the helm!

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