Jews at the Met Receives an Excellent Review

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(photo credit Seth Fera-Schane) 

Our newest offering, Jews at the Met: The Chosen Tour, has just gotten a fantastic blog write up! In his review for Full Access NYC, Seth Fera-Schane gives the scoop about what makes this tour special. 

Harry was engaging, knew his subject matter, and seamlessly led us through the thongs of visitors at one of the world’s largest museums. There were more than a few times when I momentarily stopped paying attention because I was thinking about friends I needed to tell about the tour!
Seth Fera-Schanes

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(photo credit Seth Fera-Schane) 

The tour tells the story of Jewish people through out history. Although the tour is not politically or religiously affiliated, Museum Hack believes that intolerance and conflict totally suck, and the best way for people to get along is to learn more about themselves and each other. Harry blends a handful of fascinating stories into a whistle-stop tour, sharing the history of Jews through key objects and art pieces dotted throughout the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The tour spans roughly 4,000 years of Jewish history and covers large sections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) all within a two hour timeframe.  I completely lost track of the time and could have easily stayed with the group for another two hours.
Seth Fera-Schanes

Check out  the full article. 

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Photo credit Seth Fera-Schane.

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