J.P. Morgan Celebrates 2015 with Fun Team Building at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Museum Hack is a team building company. That means we specialize in corporate events, fun activities for teams, and workshops that help employees improve their skills (like leadership, collaboration, thinking on their feet and communication).  

We know that team building isn’t just for improving skills — the most productive and successful teams also need a change of pace to stay happy and prevent burnout.  Our team building tours are customized to meet company needs while giving employees time to bond and have fun as a team.  Our museum adventures are also about giving employees an insider feeling with fun activities, crazy gossip, and unique stories (with some super-sneaky techniques to increase creativity and collaboration).

Group jumping for joy at the Temple of Dendur

J.P. Morgan recently approached us about a fun, offsite end-of-year event to help their team bond and have fun.  We whisked their group to the hidden, inspiring, and amazing places in the Metropolitan Museum of Art to play silly games and engage in fun team bonding activities.  It was a great team building adventure, customized to showcase the many pieces that their founder, J.P. Morgan, generously donated to the Met.

We also played tongue-in-cheek short form games that got their group talking to one another, laughing, and interacting with the art.  

“The team had a great time! Tour guides were great and it was the perfect activity to celebrate the end of the year.”

-Florien B. from J.P. Morgan

We love hosting companies for team building events. To learn more what we can do for your company, check out this page or email us to [email protected].

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