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A group of intrepid adventurers took on the epic challenge this weekend. They took part in a massive Scavenger Hunt at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and had an absolutely brilliant time. 

We are looking at making museums more then just places to contemplate objects. We want to have fun. Lots of it. That’s what these Scavenger Hunts are all about: having a great time, learning something new, and doing something completely different. 

“Had a blast last night! The selfie challenges and clues were all really fun. Saw new parts of the museum I hadn’t been to before. I also liked that some of the pieces from the actual tour were incorporated into the scavenger hunt. It was a great experience overall! 

-Zhila S., Scavenger Huntress (aka. Guest)

Want to do something completely different?  Join us and become a treasure seeker, a mascot rescuer, a general art-sleuthing badass! We’ll lay the clues along the way (and add in a few extra surprises!) We’ve included it all; storytelling, selfies, and prizes. Oh yes, prizes. 

We are beta-testing on our Scavenger Hunt this weekend, and we would love it if you came and tried it out! Tickets are $29 for a limited time (pricing is subject to change)! Book here.

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