The Highest Ranked Instagram Posts from September & October 2015

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Diana and Dustin took an in-depth review of what museums were doing successfully on Instagram in September and October 2015.

They tracked down the top five most popular posts from museums and galleries around the world during each month. Read below for their commentary on why these posts were popular.

Likes tallied on November 3rd, likely increased after publication of this analysis.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Met Museum Instagram post September 2015
(September: 22,600 likes, 2.6% of followers. See this on Instagram.)
Met Museum October Instagram post
(October: 22,700 likes, 2.6% of followers. See this on Instagram.)

DIANA: I think part of the reason these photos work so well and are so well liked is that you don’t have to like fine art or museums to love this photo. They show that the Met is more than the art that hangs on its walls, and that they have more to offer the public than exhibitions and new acquisitions. They have FALL FLOWERS.

DUSTIN: I’d probably argue that Fall has the strongest iconography of any season. Both these shot are beautiful reminders of the harvest and the transition to cooler weather. Plus, the Met has a specific endowment JUST for changing these enormous vases every week. So that’s pretty awesome.



MoMA Sept Instagram 2015
(September: 20,400 likes, 2% of followers. See this on Instagram.)
MoMA October Instagram 2015
(October: 21,900 likes, 2.2% of followers. See this on Instagram.)

DUSTIN: I’m a big Rothko guy so I can’t really be impartial here. I do however love how similar the composition of these two shots are. They clearly evoke the type of museum that the MoMA is. And it doesn’t hurt that they features some really, really recognizable pieces.

DIANA: But I think what’s especially cool about these photos is that they are so much like photos that anyone coming to the museum would take, and yet these are the photos that, month after month, make the top spots. I get a kick out of these photos being back-to-back because of how crappy of an Abstract Expressionist Lichtenstein was.



LACMA Instagram September 2015
September: 5,379 likes, 1.8% of followers. See this on Instagram.)
LACMA October Instagram 2015
(October: 7,740 likes, 2.5% of followers. See this on Instagram.)

DIANA: I think people in LA just know what they love! They love the outdoors, they love art installations, and they love the atmosphere they create. Whether in real life or on Instagram, there’s a mood that good images evoke, and LACMA has done a really good job capturing those moments and creating that mood in their feed.

DUSTIN: Wait. THESE LAMPS AGAIN?! People love these lamps! Plus the angle is great and the moon perfectly accents the shot. Wait. THESE TREES AGAIN?! People love these trees! I feel like every third picture from LA features a palm tree-lined street. BUT THIS STREET ENDS IN A BOULDER, so that’s extra awesome.



Louvre September Instagram 2015
(September: 13,300 likes, 4.4% of followers. See this on Instagram.)
Louvre October Instagram 2015
(October: 11,600 likes, 3.8% of followers. See this on Instagram.)

DUSTIN: These are both really gorgeous shots that evoke architecture, scale, and pageantry. But I don’t think you can overlook that these shots both evoke (relatively) empty spaces at a destination that is usually overrun with tourists. Quiet. Serene. Beautiful.

DIANA: I mean, Paris is just way classier than NYC. The Louvre really knows how to feature great photographs on their feed to get people to imagine themselves in the museum and a part of the moment pictured. I mean, I’m there right now, with a croissant in one hand and a cappuccino in the other, enjoying these peaceful moments.



AMNH's Instagram post for September 2015 featured the blood moon
(September: 19,000 likes, 10.5% of followers. See this on Instagram.)
AMNH's October Instagram top post featured lit-up raptor skeleton
(October: 2,145 likes, 1.2% of followers. See this on Instagram.)

DIANA: The photos that are extremely well liked on the AMNH account are always ones that feature scientific events or discoveries that everyone can participate in or witness. Although they can’t ONLY post about those events (and who would want them to, the museum shots are often really amazing, including the dino skeleton one from October), it’s clear that they should ALWAYS post about them!

DUSTIN: I’m only gonna comment on the moon image because it got NINE TIMES MORE LIKES THAN THE OTHER ONE. The blood moon was a huge event in the science community, and not only is this shot gorgeous, but it makes the moon look like the freakin’ Death Star. Also, here’s why lunar eclipses are cooler than solar ones: everyone in the world, regardless of location, is looking at the exact same thing.

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