The Highest Ranked Instagram Posts from November 2015

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Diana and Dustin took an in-depth review of what museums were doing successfully on Instagram in November 2015.

They tracked down the top five most popular posts from museums and galleries around the world during each month. Read below for their commentary on why these posts were popular.

Likes tallied on December 3rd, likely increased after publication of this analysis.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art December top Instagram

View on Instagram  / 23,600 likes / 2.5% of followers

DIANA: There’s a lot of great things about this photo – I love how it shows the weird way museums used to stack painting after painting on as much wall space as possible; I love the outfits these kids are wearing; and I love how it was meant to look like a tender moment at the museum but looks hilariously posed to me. “Look like you’re having fun, kids!” Not much has changed in the over 100 years since this photo was taken.

DUSTIN: Infant doppelgangers.



MoMA December Top Instagram

View on Instagram  / 22,600 likes / 2.05% of followers

*Note: This was posted with condolences for the Paris attacks.

DUSTIN: This was poignant as everyone’s thoughts were with Paris. And it makes it hit literally closer to home when the sentiment is reflected in our own backyard.

DIANA: I think it’s really significant as well that this photo is not terribly… good? I mean, the architectural artwork is beautiful and MoMA’s courtyard is a peaceful place, but the reason people liked this photo is not because of the photo itself, but as an act of solidarity with the French in opposition to the terrible attack on their city. We’ve seen this kind of post before this June, when people liked photos museums posted in support of the Supreme Court’s decision on marriage equality.



LACMA December top Instagram

View on Instagram  / 6,831 likes / 21.5% of followers

DUSTIN: No. No. NO. Every single month with these lamp posts. Are they for serious with this? Exactly how many LACMA employees does it to to change a light post?

DIANA: Listen, don’t fix what ain’t broken, right? This photo WORKS. It gets the likes in. You may be sick of it, but clearly, LACMA’s followers aren’t!



Louvre December top Instagram

View on Instagram  / 16,500 likes / 5.06% of followers

DUSTIN: I’m not crazy about this shot. I mean—don’t get me wrong—it’s very pretty and well-balanced. The colors are so perfectly indicative of the season, and there’s something both nostalgic and timeless about the runners. Ok—changed my mind—I like it now.

DIANA: I love how spontaneous and wonderfully fall this looks, but in fact, this shot probably took a lot of work! Someone had to take the photo, and likely, someone else had to throw those leaves so it would look extra fall-y. Regardless, people love fall – this is why this works! (Also, the Louvre is super not afraid to regram really great photos from fans…)



AMNH December top Instagram

View on Instagram  / 2,887 likes / 1.59% of followers

DIANA: You know why everyone liked this photo so much? Everyone is like, “Ugh, to be that rich. ONE DAY, MAYBE.”

DUSTIN: YES! This is my 100% number 1 choice for place to throw a party in NYC. The special lighting is so fancy that it almost makes one forget they’re dining under a 21,000 pound fiberglass fuselage dangling from one single point where it makes contact with the ceiling.


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