The Highest Ranked Instagram Posts From December 2015

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Each month, Diana and Dustin take an in-depth look at what the top five museums post on Instagram.  They track down each museum’s most popular post, hoping to unlock the secrets to successful audience engagement on Instagram.

They tracked down the top five most popular posts from museums and galleries around the world during December 2015. Read below for their commentary on why these posts were popular.

Likes tallied on January 4th, likely increased after publication of this analysis.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art Van Gogh Trees

See this post on Instagram / 27,400 likes / 2.74% of followers

DUSTIN: Ya know what? I don’t think I knew this was at the Met! I’m so excited to go find it! Van Gogh’s trees…they’re just so beautiful and iconic and they really draw you into a happy and familiar place.

DIANA: I actually remember liking this photo, and it was actually more for the caption than the image: “All seventeen of the Met’s paintings by Vincent van Gogh are currently on view…” THIS IS A HUGE DEAL, and shows just how important reading the caption can be on a mostly-image-based social media platform! I don’t really love van Gogh, but it’s seriously impressive to me that their entire collection of his paintings are on view right now.


Museum of Modern Art Instagram

See this post on Instagram  / 19,500 likes / 1.77% of followers

DUSTIN: I don’t really like this piece, per se, but I understand why it was such a popular image. It evokes the holidays in a different and unfamiliar way, yet still somehow tugs on your nostalgic heartstrings. Also, it’s weird.

DIANA: I’m actually really surprised THIS is the highest image of December, but I gotta agree: people love celebrating the holidays in any way they can, even if it’s just a double tap on their screen. What I’ve learned from this Insta: post images at relevant times of year in order to swim in those sweet, sweet likes.


LACMA palm trees and lamp posts

See this post on Instagram  / 10,500 likes / 3.15% of followers

DIANA: I bet I know how Dustin feels about this image…

DUSTIN: NEWSFLASH: LACMA’s top image is these freaking light posts again.

DIANA: I’m still amazed at the perspective variety of these light posts, though! Like I said last month: don’t fix what ain’t broke.


Louvre crowds

See this post on Instagram  / 12,800 likes / 3.60% of followers

DIANA: This is what I imagine the Louvre is like every day, in all halls, in front of every single artwork. The seamless transition from art to real life is just amazing though. The Louvre REALLY knows how to regram well. All their top posts are others’ photos!

DUSTIN: I love this soooo much! Such a perfect amalgamation of life and art. And it’s immediately relatable to everyone—both 500 years ago and today—because everyone knows what it’s like to be stuck in a crowd.


American Museum of Natural History T-Rex

See this post on Instagram  / 2,289 likes / 1.25% of followers

DUSTIN: Awesome and iconic specimen, perfect composition, empty museum. T. rex really is a spectacular creature, and still the most popular of all the dinosaurs. Wait ‘til you guys see her smaller cousin Yutyrannus in AMNH’s upcoming special exhibition. It’s fleshed-out AND HAS FEATHERS!

DIANA: Given the context of the post though (celebrating T-rex’s 100 years on display in the museum), I feel like AMNH really missed out on an opportunity to Photoshop a birthday hat onto the fossil’s head – or better yet, get a curator to climb up there and place a real one on his giant noggin!



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