The Highest Ranked Instagram Posts from June 2015

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Diana and Dustin took an in-depth review of what museums were doing successfully on Instagram in June 2015.

They tracked down the top five most popular posts from museums and galleries around the world. Read below for their commentary on why these posts were popular.

Likes tallied on July 6th, likely increased after publication of this analysis.


MOMA rainbow flag

(20.8k likes see this on Instagram.)

DUSTIN: I think the caption is what makes this so great. When we’re inundated with its symbols, we sometimes lose sight of the real struggle and meaning of a movement. With the story, the caption asks us to step back and consider how important the flag is as a symbol, and how we must actively construct and maintain its meaning.

DIANA: I mean, this is one of the things we do on our tours, too, right? We take symbolism and imagery you’ve seen over and over and over, and ask our guests to reconsider its meaning and history from a new perspective. I love that MoMA is doing that on their Instagram feed!


The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Met wall of color spectrum

(20.1k likes, see this on Instagram.)

DIANA: Museums have traditionally been seen as neutral spaces, where social issues can’t be addressed and collections are presented without judgement. Museums are really political spaces and always have been! It’s so great that we live in a time when a public institution like the Met can post this photo as their overt position on Marriage Equality, and people LOVE THE CRAP OUT OF IT.

DUSTIN: Totally agree. Context is everything. People want to feel like they’re apart of something bigger. And isn’t that the point of social media in the first place?



Louvre at night

(9,525 likes, see this on Instagram.)

DUSTIN: It sticks with the tried and true formula of beautiful photo + beautiful architecture = Instagram win… but I think the clouds are my favorite part, it looks like a symmetrical reverse mountain!

DIANA: Yes! Who cares about the Louvre pyramid? The clouds are way better! It sounds like I’m being sarcastic but as soon as you pointed it out, I really loved it.



LACMA guests holding up a boulder

(9,865 likes, see this on Instagram.)

DIANA: This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen! And I’m not really a big hashtag person, I almost never click on them in other people’s photos, but I saw this and just had to see what other people were doing in this space. It’s so funny and creative! #LevitatedMass blew my mind, dude.

DUSTIN: I LOVE THIS SOOOOO MUCH. It’s just so well done on so many levels. It’s eye-maulingly attention grabbing. Sometimes it’s hard to define greatness. This is one of those times.




 (2,359 likes, see this on Instagram.)

DUSTIN: First of all, MIMIC OCTOPI ARE AWESOME and AMNH does a great job capitalizing on a popular trending hashtag. What’s craziest about this is that if you look closely, it’s not a photograph, it’s digitally rendered art! I guess it’s tough getting hi-res underwater images of these guys seeing as how THEY BLEND INTO THEIR SURROUNDINGS.

DIANA: I literally didn’t even notice it wasn’t an actual photo until you pointed it out! It’s still a great image, it really stops you in your tracks… I still can’t believe they fooled me like that, though. AMNH: 1. Diana: 0.


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