The Highest Ranked Instagram Posts From Five Major Museums (July 2015)

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Our dynamic duo, Diana and Dustin, have been running a series of posts where we look at the Instagram accounts from the world’s top five museums and institutions. We review what they did successfully, and add some fun commentary on the posts.

Read below to find out:

  • Which posts made the biggest waves last month.
  • What made the images so popular.
  • How to create something similar on your institution’s Instagram. 

American Museum of Natural History


5,550 likes, see it here.

Dustin: People love Manhattanhenge! But this picture is especially neat because of the symmetry and the way the two artificial light phenomena interact. It’s like a science nerd street party!

Diana: I think this is a great example of an image, and an event that people want to share with their friends, too! Manhattanhenge is cool as hell, and by liking this photos and tagging their friends, people can go and see this together. Isn’t that what Instagram is for?

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art Frida Kahlo

31,307 likes. See it here.

Dustin: Omigod.

Diana: It’s Beyonce.




 22,608 likes. See it here.

Diana: This image is a bit of a pickle. Photos of people in the museum don’t usually do well on Instagram, do they? I think the reason people love this one is because of the popularity of that new movie, Woman in Gold. Art + pop culture = lots of likes.

Dustin: This image does nothing for me. I kind of appreciate that there is a person for scale so I have a better idea of the size of a piece (that I’ve never seen before). But the piece itself? Meh.




6,086 likes.See it here.

Dustin: Yes, it’s an adorable kid. But there’s something mesmerizing about her surroundings. It’s like she’s the nexus of an infinitely repeating mirror. Yet again, symmetry and well-framed photography wins!

Diana: You are all about the symmetry, dude. But I totally agree! This spot at LACMA is like a lightning rod for great shots. Get yourself a baby in stripes and you’re golden.



Louvre July

8,870 likes. See it here.

Dustin: I REST MY CASE. This image is gorgeous, with the perfect 50-50 split almost amazing enough to make you miss the fact that Bono is levitating.

Diana: It’s just an unusual, beautiful shot! People really love the Pyramid at the Louvre, but only truly beautiful or memorable shots are as well liked as this one. The colors, too. Damn, it’s a beautiful shot. In fact, I liked this one.

Likes tallied on August 3rd, likely increased after publication of this analysis.

Want to see more posts like this? Read more of Dustin and Diana’s reviews from the past few months. 

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Stay tuned for next month, we will be back to review the top museums’ posts in August.

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