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As we enter the new year, we’ve rounded up 10 recent articles and blog posts that touch on everything from important discussions in the museum world to cool museums we wish existed. Read on and ring in the new year with these great reads.

2017 is a great time to reimagine the engagement at your museum.
2017 is a great time to reimagine the engagement at your museum.

Museums Will Rescue Us

This succinct post gets to the heart of why it’s so important to support museums. Artist Glendon Mellow touches on how museums are adapting to an increasingly digital world and why this is a positive thing as an artist and museum lover. The passion in this article speaks to our own love of museums – and we think you’ll be able to relate, too.

Read the full article here.

What Does a Great Distributed Digital Museum Experience Look Like?

Focusing on the eternal struggle with audience engagement, Nina Simon imagines how museums could successfully have people interacting with their content once they leave the building (or in fancy terms have a “distributed content experience”). Outlining some of the issues with existing distributed content, Simon then takes a look at content outside of the museum field that has succeeded in driving engagement. Her speculative questions at the end raise some ideas worth considering, including ways museums could use existing apps like Snapchat and Tinder (yes, the dating app) to drive engagement.

Read the full article here.

How to See More Art Online in 2017

A worthy New Year’s resolution for any museum professional, Glendon Mellow gives helpful tips on how to fill your online time with more art. Browser extensions, the best art hashtags, and Twitter accounts to follow – it’s the perfect way to surround yourself with art whenever you open your browser.

Read the full article here.

In the Aftermath of Oakland’s Tragedy, How Museums Can Better Serve Local Arts and DIY Venues

Adriel Luis, a curator at the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center, explores the history of the relationship between museums and grassroots arts spaces in the wake of Ghost Ship. Despite these spaces existing outside the traditional “institution” label, Luis outlines ways museums can support and serve DIY venues through education, services, and collaboration.

Read the full article here.

18 Must-Follow Museum Digital Engagement Professionals on Twitter

Looking for new ideas for digital engagement at your own museum? Let this curated list of must-follow Twitter accounts inspire you. A list of industry influencers from museums around the world, these accounts will fill your feed with tons of audience engagement ideas. Bonus community recommendations at the end of the article expand this list to include even more must-follow profiles.  

Read the full article here.

Top 10 Museums That Opened in 2016

While it’s obviously what’s inside that counts, sometimes the design of the museum, itself, is a work of art worth celebrating. With a focus on architecture, Design Boom highlights stunning museums from around the world, including Beijing’s unique Rose Museum and the new home to London’s Design Museum.

Read the full article here.

The Digitized Museum

This in-depth feature from Art in America explores the implications of technology and digital media in the museum space. Exploring the ways visitors interact with museum exhibits, the creation of new staff positions dedicated to all things digital, and the challenges that museums face as funding becomes less available, Brian Droitcour and William Smith give a well-rounded overview of museums in the digital age.

Read the full article here.

Museums Need Shared Definitions

In this month’s issue of Museum magazine, John W. Jacobsen argues the importance of having a standard to measure visitor data and quantify impact across the field. Jacobsen makes a case for why this standard is needed, as well as some recent efforts to do so. Particularly interesting is the section on the future benefits of a field where data collection has been standardized and there are clear key performance indicators for museums.

Read the full article here.

“Eliteness”: The Next Big Branding Opportunity for Museums

Museums are too often labeled as traditional and dismissed as only appealing to a certain group of art-loving people. Ken Carbone argues the need to rethink what “elite” means and how museums can reach different audiences.

Read the full article here.

Museums We Wish Existed in London

While specific to London, this post got us thinking about all of the potential museums we’d want to pop up in our own cities. This aspirational list includes museums that celebrate David Bowie, maps, and food. All museums we could get behind! What would your dream museum be?

Read the full article here.

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