How to Increase Engagement Using Instagram

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Can your museum use Instagram more effectively?

The answer is probably yes.  There are so many ways that visitors can engage with museums on Instagram.  In “Reflecting the Museum: How Instagram brings back seeing,” Russell Dornan explored how Instagram allows museums to create new kinds of mutual engagement.  He reveals ways in which museums have tapped into the power of this rapidly growing social network, showcasing their incredible collections while connecting with the coveted millennial audience. 

We’ve summarized his affirmation of Instagram’s effectiveness, and his suggestions for its use, in the slides below.  Read on to discover how your museum can take advantage of this unique social platform.

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Personal photography can be a vital part of the museum visitor experience.

Dave Krugman, founder of #empty movement,  sees photography as a way to deeply engage  with museum spaces and objects. “These people were capturing  the incredible experience of visiting.”

Photography empowers visitors to explore museums in new ways, and share their explorations with others through social media.

Instagram takes personal images onto a global stage, increasing and sharing relevance.

“The fact that museums and galleries are culturally relevant enough to feature in our visitors’ updates to their friends is something not only to be celebrated, but fostered.”  Russell Dornan

So how can museums increase their engagement through Instagram?

Museums have a ready-made Insta presence: architecture, unusual and interesting objects...library materials, events, exhibits, and landscapes.

Use Instameets to invite photographers to discover your museum, fostering relationships with artists and their followers.

“I was more than surprised - mainly with myself that as a Londoner I had never been inside.    As a photographer I loved the space, clean design and natural light coming in.    As a visitor I thought the collection was fascinating and I will be back to explore more!”  Zoe Timmers, Instagrammer who visited the Wellcome Collection

Use Instagram to showcase your museum as a living, breathing destination with  amazing objects and stories.

Take part in #MuseumInstaSwap to increase cross-institutional collaboration and reach new audiences.

Infuse spaces and objects with easy calls to action for visitors to respond to objects and exhibits creatively.

Most importantly, Instagram empowers visitors to say, “I visited somewhere amazing;  I was part of it, and I want people to know.”

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Download the PDF version of this summary here.

“Reflecting the Museum: How Instagram brings back seeing” by Russell Dornan originally published on MuseumiD.

Want more ideas on how to use Instagram? Learn how the National Gallery of Denmark increased their social media reach by 2500%.

Ready to infuse new life in your museum with Instagram?  Contact us to learn how we can help develop an Instameet for your museum and promote your programs to new audiences.

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