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We just got an an amazing in depth review of our Un-Highlights Tour the Metropolitan Museum of Art from Zainab Mudallal, from The article talk about what makes our tours unlike any other tours in the Met. Read the full article

“Keeping the tours filled is one gauge of success. But so is teaching people how to like museums, and encouraging them to visit more,” he says. “We got so much out of the lifelong learning you can do at museums,” says Gray. “It’s a weird, nontraditional goal of the business, but we want people to feel the same way.”
Zainab Mudallal, reporter for Quartz


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With so many tours to choose from in New York City, our tours continually get voted as one of the best things to do (we aren’t making this up! Trip Advisor says so!) because you get the insider scoop from an outsider.

We are an outside tour operater, not actually employees of the Museum. So we’ll tell you things you’d never hear from an official guide.  Sometimes the stories are gossipy or racy-we’ve got the inside stories and we aren’t afraid to share them.

“At one point during our tour, we voted on whether we wanted to see a major museum highlight or something more unusual—”badass” was the term the guides used.”
Zainab Mudallal, reporter for Quartz

Most of all, we like how the article talks about how we make art accessible-how even if you don’t normally like galleries and museums-we will surprise you. We love showing people how awesome museums can be, and how Zainab got to the heart of it.

“You don’t realize it, but you’re getting to know art that way by making observations and looking into the context. It’s all about making it a conversation rather than a lecture.”
Jessye Herrel, Tour Guide for Museum Hack

Read the full article, we love it.

Check out the upcoming dates on our next Un-highlights Tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We’d love to show you how AMAZING museums are-starting with the best museum in the world! 


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