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Museum Hack specializes in helping companies foster a positive organizational culture.  We help bring employees together as a team — aligning individual goals with corporate vision while helping employees improve their skills (like leadership and communication).  Our museum adventures are also about giving employees an insider feeling with fun activities, crazy gossip, and unique stories (with some “under the radar” techniques to increase creativity and collaboration).  Our goal is that employees leave our tours feeling refreshed, inspired, and invested in each other and the work that they do.

Ideo is a mission-driven organization that focuses on the challenges of poverty around the world.  Some of their projects have included bringing financial stability to people in poor and vulnerable communities, providing access to contraceptive services, and supporting on-the-ground changemakers.  They provide these services with a small, diverse, and globally-focused team.  For such a mission-driven organization, it’s important that everyone feels invested in the company and each other — and that they take the time to recharge and become inspired to continue creatively solving the world’s biggest challenges.

Ideo approached us seeking a fun, unique way to bond as a team and re-charge their skills as they began the new year.  We whisked their group to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where we customized a team building tour focused on the themes of “home” and creative inspiration.  We also challenged them to grow together through fun icebreakers, a unique photo challenge, and short form games.

Ideas were sparked, the team bonded, and everyone had an amazing time!

“I’ve been going to the MET over the years and the the tour totally reframed how I saw the museum. The two hours were full of laughter and great games. Overall it left left us feeling inspired, re-charged and invigorated. I’m signing-up for more of these.”

–Ektaa A.,

We love hosting companies for team building events. To learn more what we can do for your company, check out this page or email us at [email protected].

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