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Museum Hack throwing a F***ing Awesome Party
Museum Hack throwing a f***ing awesome party.

When Museum Hack started back in 2013 we did one thing, “unconventional” museum tours. But we didn’t come from the museum world and didn’t have the classic training of guides. We were just some NYC enthusiasts that accidentally discovered museums are f***ing awesome. We wanted to share that passion with the world, so we had to figure out the rest on our own.

Over the last two years we’ve developed a phenomenal set of tools for engaging museum guests. Instead of bombarding with facts, we tell stories. Instead of trudging through exhibits, we mix it up with exercise and games. Instead of just focusing on the most famous or expensive pieces, we find the unknown pieces with fascinating histories.

And it turns out, these skills and tools go well beyond the museum setting. Fortune 500s, startups, world-class museums, and other organizations have hired us for our expertise and our service. We help them build stronger, more cohesive teams through team building, we teach them how to engage and enthrall audiences & customers, and we show them that creating bonds between the guests is the very best way to make the experience memorable. We love sharing our expertise with clients.

Today we have a case study of a company that worked with us to improve their events, and help create happy, loyal clients for years to come. Below we explain one of the specific strategies they implemented to organize a better event. Here’s the email they sent us…

In July, we threw a high-level, exclusive event in NYC for entrepreneurs. Price tag was low 5-figures and open to less than 15 guests.

It was a full-day affair: keynote, workshops, fancy-pants dinner, and open bar to finish the evening.

After the event, the team got together and came to the consensus that the event was good, however…

It wasn’t amazing.

Something was missing, and even after reaching out to the guests, we couldn’t put our finger on it (they told us they “loved it” and “it was amazing”).

We consulted with Nick and his team, and they gave us three specific action steps we could experiment with. For example, he showed us how to “end on a high note” and secrets on “working” the dinner and cocktails.

Fast forward two months, when we hosted a new group of guests. Same price point, same structure, same venue.

We just took action on Nick’s pointers.

And we realized what was missing.

This time, our guest were connecting… with each other.

After the keynote, we couldn’t kick them out of the room because they were so busy talking to one another, sharing their fears, challenges, and strategies to grow their businesses.

During the dinner, our guests naturally broke up into small little groups. Yes, they talked shop, but we also learned:

  • How one guest met the love of her life
  • Another’s former life as a professional singer
  • Yet another was a competitive jazz saxophone player

After the cocktails, a small group said goodbye and went home. Another group kept the night rocking at a karaoke bar until 2 a.m.

Consulting with Nick & Museum Hack was a game changer — from throwing a “pretty good” party to a remarkable event that people are still talking about for months to come.

Remarkable! Now let’s take a closer look at how they did this.


Party Hack: “And Then I’m Going To Go To You. Is That Okay?”

Switching between planned activities and giving your guests time to talk is important.
Having a mix of planned activities and giving your guests time to talk is important.

When people congregate together you get the ultimate mashup of characters. You have extroverts chatting with introverts. You have people that prefer small talk, others that want to deep dive into geopolitical jib-jab, and others still that live for juicy gossip. Throw in alcohol, jet lag, smart phones, and 1000x other variables and it’s no surprise that the outcome of any given party is unpredictable.

But when you are the one that congregated these people, it’s your responsibility to make sure everyone has an awesome time. Here’s a quick hack that can help.

Imagine a table of eight loose acquaintances. Some of these guests float in the same circles, but the only real social knot that brings them together is you. You, as a cordial host, make efforts to tell stories that can spark further discussion. But a problem soon emerges, with some guests chiming in with their own experiences, while others fidget uncomfortably — they have a story to tell, but don’t want to interrupt others to make it heard.

What do you do?

One way to overcome this social awkwardness is to use the phrase, “and then I’m going to go to you. Is that okay?” Here are some examples…

  • “I’m going to quickly share the biggest challenge I’m facing right now, and them I’m going to go to SPECIFIC PERSON. Is that okay?”
  • “I want to share the 30 second story of what brought me here today, and then SPECIFIC PERSON, could you please share your story too?”
  • “The appetizers will come in a minute, and then I know SPECIFIC PERSON has an announcement to share, is that okay?” 
Awesome parties will leave your guests laughing!
Awesome parties will leave your guests laughing!

The benefits of this format, i.e., leading a topic and selecting a person to talk about it are many. Among the most important are:

  • you take away the social awkwardness of “who is going to speak next”, and remove this barrier for your shy/reserved guests that may not feel comfortable interrupting others
  • by leading the topic, then sharing your own story or other short delay, you give the next speaker time to gather their thoughts
  • if you use this technique systematically, i.e., for each member of the group, you make sure everyone gets a chance to talk and share

Use this technique and watch your parties thrive.


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The company mentioned above hired Museum Hack for training on client engagement. Their results were fast and praiseworthy. Want to work with Museum Hack to improve a specific part of your business? Just sent a quick email to [email protected] or call us at 1-800-210-9676. Tell us your biggest challenge and we will help you customize the best solution.

written with 💖 by Museum Hack

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