How To Surprise and Delight Your Summer Associates

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Corporate January 20, 2019 How To Surprise and Delight Your Summer Associates

Law students with the most enthusiasm and genuine connection to your firm are ones who can be leaned on and trusted to provide superior results. But, connecting with this generation of summer associates is different than any other group that’s come before. 

So how do you attract (and keep!) the top summer associates to your law firm? Be different. Be exciting. Be fun. And, above all else, be prepared to entice them by providing an all-around fulfilling experience. 

The reality is that attracting the right type of candidates with a proven track record who can fit in with your firm’s culture is key. Here’s how to do it.  

Summer Associates Museum Hack NYC

1. The Millennial Factor

The majority of your summer associates will undoubtedly fall into one of the most misunderstood groups of our time: Millennials. They crave feeling understood, demand a suitable work/fun balance and look to added value type perks whenever making any kind of decision. To this group it’s about having an all-around fun, exciting and fulfilling experience.

 These intangibles will make an immeasurable difference to them and their overall feeling about your firm. If you hope to continually attract the cream of that crop, you need to effectively channel them on their terms. An event that furthers their intellectual energy is something they’ll appreciate. 

But, if you can enhance that activity with the type of pure fun that we are known for, it’ll be a one-two punch they won’t forget.

Summer Associates millennial engagement
Engage summer associates with fun team building activities!

2. Intellectual Curiosity

What’s the common denominator these brilliant summer associates share? An unquenchable thirst for greater knowledge. Everyone knows the basics, but summer associates demand more. Our events in the museum go behind the paintings. 

We get into the unique facts and even gossip behind the museums and the works in the museum. We love the crazy, twisted histories of all the works of art in each museum. This is precisely the type of experience that will excite your summer associates. 

There are over 250,000 pieces of art in the Met spread over 2.3 million square feet and we are more than happy to spend the whole day running around the museum with you. 

We bring the energy to match the excitement levels of your summer associates who we know approach everything with an eagerness to learn and listen.

Summer Associates engagement team building curiosity intellectual
Museum Hack tours provide curiosity-based activities to engage your team!

3. Team Building  

No doubt, your summer associates will be exposed to more than a healthy dose of assignments in likely a variety of different practice areas. But, this is an era where working harder and playing harder is more than just a catchphrase. Why not turn that into a team building opportunity? 

Engaging your team with awesome and unique activities outside of the office is an excellent way to accomplish this. Moreover, it’ll create positive word of mouth to ensure you’ll be able to continually attract top candidates. 

To effectively succeed in team building, there needs to be the type of intimacy that can only exist when activities are confined to solely the members in that group. 

We specialize in showcasing museums to small groups just like yours and our team members are here to help you decide what would be best for your group. 

You’ll be creatively interacting with your summer associates while at the same time building trust and efficiency.

Summer Associates team building tours Museum Hack

4. The Trip

Law firms are enticing top flight summer associate candidates with numerous fun events including going to baseball games, setting up golf tournaments, hosting weekend trips or going on a spa retreat. What do all of these activities have in common? 

They all take place outside of the office. Short or long, it’s the experience that matters.

Even an afternoon outing can favorably tip the scales of the proper work/fun balance and firms these days are continually upping the fun factor for their summer associates.  And, in that spirit, we take the typical museum experience and turns up the fun to unmatched levels with various types of tours to suit your needs.

Some big names like Google and The New Yorker have taken part in our tours and, not to brag or anything, but they loved it! 

[Read our latest reviews here]

Remember: We’re here to take you and your summer associates on a crazy wild adventure…inside of a museum.

Summer Associates team building tours
What’s in the red house?

5. Exciting Engagement

When people think of museums, they’re not always enthralled. 

For some, there’s even an intimidation factor. 

But, that’s the presentation, not the art! It doesn’t have to be boring, they can be f**ing awesome. The slow-paced, highly academic tours that focus on looking at pictures of old, dead people are counterproductive. 

When we take you through a museum, we animate the space and make the paintings and sculptures come alive. It becomes your experience so if you have a question, ask it. If you want to see something, let’s do it! 

We aren’t the stick-to-the-regiment kind of people, and we won’t want you to feel uncomfortable. So leave the pillow you swore to take with you following your last museum visit at home.  You can expect running, jumping, awesome photos, scandalous stories, laughter and probably a few red faces.

Summer Associates living pictures museum hack Metropolitan Museum of Art
Living pictures are an exciting way to engage with museum collections.

6. No Limits

Adjusting to life as a summer associate with all the client meetings, depositions, hearings and closings can be difficult. 

Why? Birds are chirping. Temperatures are soaring. Summer is in the air. 

With all that going on, it’s understandable that the minds of your summer associates crave something different and fun to spice up their day. We bring the fun and spice to the table. 

Want to learn about dinosaurs, Asian history, a certain time period or even a specific artist? We have the tour for you!  Our guides will not only give you incredible insights, but they’ll go above, below and beyond!  These tours aren’t for the faint of heart, so leave your notebooks at home and come prepared to run around the museum. 

We know these places like the back of our hands, and can snake through objects and people like you’ve never seen. 

Word of warning though! You might want to bring some comfy shoes to make sure you can keep up with us.

TJMAX Summer Associates Ethan team building tour
There are no limits to the fun things you’ll learn from our renegade tour guides.

7. Shock and Fulfill

Remember that birthday when you not only received what you asked for, but also got something better? 

Of course you do – no one ever forgets pleasant surprises. 

Remember the last time you walked into a museum and thought to yourself: What now? Which way do I go? If you do, you’re not alone. If you don’t, lucky you! With our guides showing you around, those thoughts will never enter your mind. You’ll simply be having too much fun. 

You and your associates will be smacked with so much more energy, contagious excitement, remarkable stories and laughter than you ever thought possible from a museum experience. 

Ethan giving guest a highfive
Ethan giving a team building high five for the win!

So before you make any decisions about your next museum visit, call us or send us an email to [email protected]  

We’ll help you find the right type of tour that’ll leave your summer associates with one underlying theme surrounding their museum memory: Awesome! 

History, romance, naked paintings, we know where all of them are.  We’ll engage your summer associates with the type of intellectual excitement and pure fun that will resonate with their craving for a favorable work/play balance, not to mention their desire for an all-around fulfilling experience.

written with 💖 by Museum Hack

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