The Highest Ranked Instagram Posts from Museums in May 2015

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It is no secret that we really, really love museums. But we also kind of have a secret crush on some major museum Instagram accounts.

Diana and Dustin took an in-depth review of what museums were doing successfully on Instagram in May 2015.

They kept score by doing some light internet stalking and compiled the five most popular posts from our favorite institutions. They’ve added some commentary on what made these posts particularly popular.

Likes tallied on June 1st, likely increased after publication of this analysis.


Rhianna ascending Met stairs in yellow gown with train

(26,900 likes, see it here.)

Diana: Not only do people fall head-over-heels for fashion images (4 of the top 5 images in May from the Met’s Instagram are fashion images), but this image has 3 other things going for it: red carpet, opulence, and Rihanna.

Dustin: Is she wearing an omelette? People also love breakfast foods, so there’s that.


(26,900 likes, see it here.) 


(22,700 likes: see it here.)


MoMA (@themuseumofmodernart)

Modern girl with a pearl earring

(20,863 likes: see it here.

Diana: The intensity of the girl’s stare – something this modern image shares with its inspiration, Girl with a Pearl Earring – is what I think got this so many likes, in addition to its art historical play. Mashups of modern and traditional are always a favorite, too!

Dustin: Such a great remix of The Girl with a Pearl Earring. It’s immediately recognizable, the colors on the stark background are amazing, and it’s simply a stunning shot. Simple, elegant, gorgeous.


(20,057 likes: see it here.)


(17,329 likes: see it here.) 


THE LOUVRE (@museelouvre)

Louvre at sunset

(7,457 likes, see it here.) 

Diana: Bitches love sunsets.

Dustin: Ok that’s fair. But people—especially on Instagram— also love great photography. The colors, the symmetry, the reflection, the architecture…they all come together to immediately catch your eye. Stunning photos ALWAYS work on the Instas.


(7,422 likes, see it here.)


(7,016 likes, see it here.) 

LACMA (@lacma)

Chris Burden memorial LACMA

(6,965 likes, see it here.) 

Diana: This image is beautiful, but there’s also a sense of nostalgia: this work of art was created by Chris Burden, who passed away the day this image was posted to LACMA’s Instagram. I think people liked it not only because the artwork is stunning even via photo, but because it was a poignant remembrance of a great artist.

Dustin: I have no idea who Chris Burden is/was, but I still love this image. It’s feels familiar, yet still eery and pseudo-futuristic. And it follows rule #1 of Instagram: when in doubt, post beautiful, simple images.


(6,254 likes, see it here.)


(4,588 likes, see it here.) 


View of Manhattan

(2,096 likes, see it here.) 

Diana: Bitches love Manhattanhenge.

Dustin: ...and sunsets, and architecture, and New York City. But my favorite thing about this post is that it isn’t even at AMNH, so it’s not at all self-aggrandizing. It’s a great image about scientific content that the museum explores, but depicted quite literally in a real-world way that others can relate to and engage with, even outside the museum’s walls. Who doesn’t love a science hack of the streets of NYC?



(1,880 likes, see it here.)  

To see all of our tallies, click here.

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