Discussing Guides, Games, and Gossip at the Harn Museum of Art

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Museum Resources December 27, 2019 Discussing Guides, Games, and Gossip at the Harn Museum of Art

Looking to introduce your staff to Museum Hack?  Curious how modern engagement techniques can benefit your museum?

Our company founder and CEO, Nick Gray, recently spoke to staff and community stakeholders at the Harn Museum of Art.  During his presentation, Nick introduced what Museum Hack is and how our methods can attract and engage new audiences with museums.

Nick Gray, founder and CEO of Museum Hack, speaking at the Harn Museum of Art

Reinvigorating the Harn’s Visitor Programs

The presentation was a kickoff for “Hack the Harn,” an event to help Harn Museum of Art staff and interns brainstorm and collaborate on ways to better engage audiences.  Nick’s presentation focused on how museums can engage millennials, discussing the myriad ways that Museum Hack has successfully attracted and engaged young adults on tours at some of the greatest museums in the world.

During the presentation, Nick discussed the three things that make Museum Hack different: guides, games, and gossip.  Museum Hack starts with guides: they are the foundation of all we do and the creative energy that continually re-imagines the museum experience for our audiences.  And our guides use two key methods: games and gossip-esque storytelling.  Through our entertainment-first approach, we invite the public to discover museums as spaces full of interesting facts, crazy stories, and fun-filled adventures to be shared with friends and family.  By delving into these three elements, Nick demonstrated how our methods could work for the Harn Museum of Art as they seek to attract and engage new audiences with their incredible collections.

Harn staff taking pictures with a cutour of Instagram frame.
Harn Museum of Art staff experimenting with Instagram engagement.

Afterwards, Nick led a question and answer forum for Harn Museum of Art staff and stakeholders.  There were so many great questions, and it was inspiring to see Harn Museum of Art staff eager to use our techniques to engage new audiences.  Nick also spent time exploring the museum and seeing all the great audience engagement ideas that were being discussed.

“The Harn Museum is awesome! I loved exploring their collection and meeting the staff.” – Nick Gray

Nick’s presentation was a huge success!  We were honored for Nick to discuss millennial audiences with Harn Museum of Art staff and stakeholders.  It was wonderful to meet the museum’s staff and inspire them with new ideas for audience engagement and turning their museum into a fun-filled, interactive adventure.  Special thanks to Harn Museum of Art for inviting us and hosting a great kickoff to “Hack the Harn.”

Do you work for a museum, or do you want to talk about engaging new museum goers? We would love to work with you. Find out more about our consulting work with museums, or email us to open up a conversation about working together.

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