Happy Halloween: Spooky Fine Art Mash Ups

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It’s Halloween, and we’ve rounded up some of the internet’s creepiest art mash ups to chill and delight.  

Tricks and Treats

Halloween Normal Rockwell
Based on the “The Runaway” by Norman Rockwell

Mona Lisa

Halloween Hard Rock Mona Lisa
Based on the Mona Lisa by Leonardo De Vinci

Gothic Halloween

Halloween- Happy Freaky Halloween
Based on “American Gothic” by Grant Wood


Let’s Put A Smile On That Face

Halloween Joker
Based on Rembrandt’s 1660 Self-Portrait and Heath Ledger’s Joker from the Batman film The Dark Knight



Headless Juan de Pareja

Halloween Headless Juan de Pareja
Based on “The Portrait of Juan de Pareja” by Spanish artist Diego Velázquez


Little Bouguereau Witches

Halloween Little Bouguereau Witches
Based on William Bouguereau’s “The Jewel of the Fields”


Potrait of A Young Punk by Agnolo Bronzino

Portrait of A Young Punk by Agnolo Bronzino
Based on “Portrait of A Young Man” by Agnolo Bronzino

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