An Amazing Afternoon of Chicago Team Building

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Just before Christmas, we had the pleasure of leading a group from law firm Hamilton Thies & Lorch on a Chicago team building tour geared toward inspiring their team and boosting creativity.

A group on a Chicago team building tour.
A group on a Chicago team building tour.

Prior to their tour, our guides jumped on the phone to plan the perfect afternoon of team building at the Art Institute of Chicago.

The company was super excited about having an interactive experience where all team members could participate. We learned exactly what Hamilton Thies & Lorch wanted to get out of their event with us and customized their tour to help achieve their team building goals.

During their tour of the Art Institute, our tour guides made sure to highlight pieces in the museum that matched the groups’ interests and tell tons of stories they were sure to remember long after the tour ended.

By the end of the tour, even the museum skeptics in the group were turned into believers. Here’s what the group thought of their Chicago team building event!

“We received very positive feedback from all the employees – everyone loved the concept and our tours.  It was a good mix of commentary and activities for us.  Thank you.”

written with 💖 by Carly Syms

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