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The Hacky Hour Cocktail Party at the Knickerbocker Hotel had time for private chatting and drinking mixed with group actvities
Last Thursday night, Museum Hack hosted a Hacky Hour at the Knickerbocker Hotel in Times Square. A Hacky Hour is a cocktail party, upgraded with Museum Hack’s storytelling, games, and photo opportunities. We invited clients, friends, fans, and more to St. Cloud, the hip rooftop drinks lounge at the Knickerbocker. Everyone had a great time and we’ve written this post to share the highlights.

Ethan, Kate and Harry introducing the night

Stories About the Knickerbocker’s History

Earlier this year, we wrote a case study about our work with the Knickerbocker hotel, called The NYC Landmark That Tourists Don’t Know About. The Knickerbocker has a fascinating history, including links to the American economy and the Titanic. We shared some of these stories with guests, and we had guides present as party hosts circulating around the room. Our four guides circled around the room to meet with as many guests as possible and share their unique story. These private stories included one of the Knickerbocker’s most famous guests of all time and the hotel’s numerous connections to monkeys.

Networking at Ethan sharing with a lovely group of ladies at the Hacky Hour Cocktail Party for the Knickerbocker Hotel team  building event

Activities to Keep Guests Engaged and Entertained

The Museum Hack team are storytelling experts, but that’s not all — they also craft and perfect games and activities to keep guests entertained. On our museum tours, we are competing with Museum Fatigue, the 100 year old problem with museums, that tends to make museum guests lethargic. We’ve developed games that are finely tuned to combating fatigue, bringing you back to the moment, and bonding with the other guests. When you add cocktails and party food, games like The Next Word, do even better. Our guests enjoyed these games, laughed together, and made new friends — and as the host of a party, what more could you ask for?

Small Group Chats at the Hacky Hour Cocktail Party at the Knickerbocker Hotel

Prizes & Giveaways Museum Hack Style

As a general rule, people like prizes, they make us feel good! And at our Hacky Hour Cocktail Parties, we strive to make our prizes really relevant to the venue we are at and the stories we are telling. At the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, we often end our tours at the Temple of Dendur, an Egyptian exhibit, and award one guest with a special pharaoh themed prize. At the Knickerbocker’s lounge, St. Cloud, we matched the prize to the venue too. While the origins of the dry martini are disputed, one of the likely contenders is the Knickerbocker Hotel, where a bartender may have invented the drink in 1911 or 1912. Accordingly, we had a special martini prize to share with guests. To earn the prize, guests competed in Knickerbocker trivia (Google searches allowed), and one brave guest even sang for everyone at the front of the room.

Group photo from the Groups chatting at the Hacky Hour Cocktail Party for the Knickerbocker Hotel team

Interested in Hosting Your Own Hacky Hour?

Although the Hacky Hour at St. Cloud was a Museum Hack event, we do these upgraded cocktail parties for clients too. If you’d like Museum Hack to help increase engagement, team bonding, and FUN at your next event, get in touch with us at [email protected] or learn more here.

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