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We love New York City! It is our home, our muse and, quite frankly, the love of our lives.  We get the songs that have been sung about it, the poems written in its honor, and we know why it’s on everybody’s bucket list.

That being said, it’s not always pleasant tripping over people as we push our way past the Empire State Building.

As New Yorkers, we have a tendency to poo-poo the people who actually acknowledge the majesty that surrounds us every day.  We tend to take really awesome things for granted. Things like the Statue of Liberty or the ridiculously tall skyscrapers that make up our fabulous skyline.  Or honestly, even the extraordinary number of museums that dot our tiny island.

So if you asked us to go on a boat ride around Manhattan, we’d say that we were a little too cool for something so touristy. But, oh, what a mistake that would be!

Why? Because Museum Hack has seized Circle Line cruises!  We’ve dug in deep to find the craziest, sexiest, and most renegade stories about our amazing island and we want to share them with you on your next Circle Line cruise!

Circle Line museum hack event
Renegade tour guides on Circle Line

For instance, what is more Manhattan than weekend brunch?  Sure that feels contemporary, but as it turns out, we’re just a little late to the party as the Native Americans who populated this area loved their brunch over 400 years ago!

Circle Line museum hack team
We’re ready to hack Circle Line!

It’s in this vein that Circle Line approached us about making their services appealing to people like us: the jaded New Yorker who think she’s seen it all, done it all.

Audience during our hack
Audience during our hack.

When Circle Line asked us to hack their boat cruises, we started seeing our city through entirely new eyes. The fabulous Lia gathered a team of phenomenal Hackers and together, they dug out the incredibly crazy stories about our beloved city, from the breathtaking architecture to the badass bitches that actually built the city.

We are literally hacking the content and the experience of Circle Line’s cruises!  Want to know about the dead bodies and the poop that’s all over the Hudson?

Who better to tell you than a Museum Hack guide??

Harry leading audience
Harry discussing what lies beneath.

The entire CL crew had a great time and our brains popped with possibility as the smiles exploded on our faces.  Truly a wonderful experience with Museum Hack.  I know we all saw lots of operational challenges but the light shining from the opportunities was bright enough to engage in the challenge of figuring them out.
-Jason Hackett, Chief Marketing Officer, New York Cruise Lines

We’re rolling out Museum Hack-guided tours of Circle Line cruises and we’d love for you to be one of the first to experience this!

Sign up here, and use our special promo code: MHCL-15 for an exclusive discount!

Circle Line #MuseumHack

Whether you consider yourself a New Yorker, a frequent visitor or an international visitor, this will be an experience we guarantee will blow your socks off.


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