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Consulting December 16, 2015 Featured Image

Last night six members of the Museum Hack team descended on Brooklyn Tech’s meetup to “hack” the event. The party took place at IFP Media Center and had a great turnout with nearly 200 guests! Similar to the recent event we hosted at the Knickerbocker Hotel in Times Square, our guides acted as party hosts, circulating around the room to tell stories and play games with the guests. To match the event, all stories and activities were “techy”, including stories like:

  • the 13th century iPhone
  • the first alien technology
  • a 17th century drinking game
  • and mythological creatures

Each of these stories was repeated four times around the room, so that many guests had a chance to hear them. We also worked with the DJ to make sure volume was controlled during the 30 minute storytelling session. The games included party versions of categories, spin the bottle (on the app), draw your alien spirit, and more. It was a hit! Party guests were engaged, laughing, and making new friends as they played the games together. Check out these fun photos from the event.

team museum hack
The Museum Hack team getting ready for the event
Renegade Guide, Ethan, sharing a tech story
This event had a great turnout!
Museum Hack was a partner for the Brooklyn Tech Meetup

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