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We were recently asked to be guest bloggers for the Center for the Future of Museums. In the article  “Museum Hack: We Love People Who Don’t Like Museums”  we outline what we are doing differently to engage a new generation of museum-goers.

The peer-to-peer economy is great at uncovering unmet consumer demand and unused aspects of institutional resources. For this reason, I recently tracked down a young entrepreneur who has found, and filled, an empty niche in the ecology of museum experiences. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a huge cadre of volunteers staffing a Guided Tour Program. I wanted to know, why would people visiting the Met, (or the American Museum of Natural History) hire an outside tour guide? What ‘unmet consumer demand’ paves the way for his business to succeed?
-Elizabeth Merrit, Center for the Future of Museums

Read the full article: Museum Hack: We Love People Who Don’t Like Museums

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