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One of our first team building adventures of the year at the de Young Museum was with Greenhouse, a San Francisco company that’s determined to change the way companies recruit and hire great new employees.

Greenhouse brought their team of just over a dozen members to the de Young for a three-hour museum experience designed to highlight the best parts of the museum that most visitors don’t get to see on their own. While on the tour, our guides led covert team building activities like Buy, Steal, Burn, where guests reveal which pieces in the museum they’d most want to buy, steal, and burn, and The Match Maker game. Both activities encourage team members to share pieces of themselves and their personalities that their coworkers likely don’t see on a day-to-day basis back in the office.

Casey, Renegade Guide at the de Young Fine Arts Museums in SF
Casey, Renegade Guide at the de Young Fine Arts Museums in SF

We also turned Greenhouse loose on the de Young during their scavenger hunt. Once we broke their larger group down into smaller teams, we set them on a quest to find the most accurate examples of art that meet all of our fun prompts. The winning team, of course, took home a great prize.

To end the day, Greenhouse took part in our storytelling workshop where we reveal the secrets we use to make our tours so much fun for people who may not be that interested in museums in the first place. During the workshop, we taught Greenhouse’s team the five elements that make up a “hacked” story and showed them some of our best tricks for applying those elements to what they do back in the office.

It was a fun, fast day of team building, adventure, and learning for Greenhouse at the de Young Museum in San Francisco!

“Getting tips on storytelling for all the team who on a day to day basis is supposed to be telling stories was super helpful and fun!” – Barbra of Greenhouse



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