Our tours for Google were “one of the best events they have ever attended”

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At Museum Hack, we work with corporate groups to plan fun events, activities, and workshops. Sometimes it is a company’s HR team that finds us while searching for “team building activities,” “group bonding activities,” or “team building ideas.” But as our public and private museum tours become more popular, we are increasingly getting great referrals from coworkers.

Recently, a Google employee and her team came on one of our tours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She loved it so much that she told the other Google team leaders about it.

The result? More Googlers came on our tours :- )

See below for a fun testimonial from Julie R., Head of Industry for Google, Inc., here in NYC.

I heard about this group from a Googler on the Creative Lab team, who had recently taken a Museum Hack tour at The Met with her team and RAVED about it. I now understand why. I took my team this week as I felt we were over-indexing on work and under-indexing on fun, and they said it was one of the best events they have ever attended. And most of them want to do it again with their significant others. I thought I would send you this note to further evangelize the talented and brilliant group of people at Museum Hack!

Julie R., Head of Industry for Google, Inc.

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Want to find out more about our team building tours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art? Find out more here, or send us an email at [email protected].

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