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We recently hosted a small group of Google engineers to beta test a new “Met Tech” tour covering technology and invention at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Here are a few comments that they shared with us.



Best museum experience ever!
 – Patrick B., Google Dublin

The tour made me realize that art can be very interesting. I enjoyed the explanations, especially those about the background of the art pieces and their authors. I’ll be recommending this tour to visitors. It was also very nice to see that the guides were super-passionate about what they were explaining.
 – Julio M., Google NYC

Everyone loved it! Thank you so much!
 – Jason P., Team Organizer, Google NYC

The guides were amazing. It was really good 🙂
 – Magnus D., Google Dublin

+1! Thanks to the guides : )
 – Dina G., Google Dublin

Very good guides. They kept it interesting and exciting. I would love to go with them on another Museum Hack.
 – Elliot J., Google NYC

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