Goodwin Procter’s Tibetan-Themed Event was “a great success!”

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We recently hosted a Tibetan art-inspired team building event with Goodwin Procter at the Rubin Museum in New York. We incorporated activities that gave the team a way to get in touch with themselves and their co-workers by blending moments of deep inspiration with super fun engagement.

Drigung Master detail Tibetan Rubin Museum
Drigung Master

Himalayan art can be colorful, outrageous, humorous and unexpected. The Rubin museum’s rich and unique collection created the perfect backdrop for a truly unique team bonding experience.

“It was an experiment in doing something at a museum whose collection is more focused than the Met. This meant that we could dive deeply into stories and ideas. The Rubin is one of my favorite museums on the planet, and I am so happy we’ve started to do events there.

The event gave people the opportunity to learn about a different culture in a unique way. There is a growing interest in mindfulness, meditation and yoga, and we had a chance to explore some of those concepts, while offering a really authentic experience.”

-Harry Einhorn, Creative Events Associate for Museum Hack

Shrine Room Rubin Museum
One of the Rubin’s hidden jewels: the Shrine Room.

Hidden Jewel in Chelsea:

The Rubin Museum is a beautiful space and an amazing oasis in the city. People literally walk into the space and their jaws drop.

The 70,000-square-foot museum occupies what was formerly a portion of the Barney’s department store in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood. It displays more than 1,000 objects including paintings, sculpture, and textiles, as well as ritual objects from the 2nd to the 20th centuries.

We loved being in the space – and the feeling was mutual with the museum!

Rubin Museum of Art tweet to Museum Hack

At the Rubin, people can engage with each other in a fun and multi-faceted experience. We included a lot of unexpected surprises such as interactive games and musical guests along with our insightful storytelling.

Detail in the Shrine Room at the Rubin Museum
Buddhist shrine at the Rubin Museum.

What the team did at the Rubin Museum:

  1. Heard the story behind the multi-armed wrathful buddhas.
  2. Met enlightened beings wearing Greek togas from Afghanistan.
  3. Saw the Shamanic headdresses from Mongolia
  4. Got a surprise visit a from a musician in one of the galleries.

The team at Goodwin Procter really enjoyed the event, and gave us some great feedback.

“Our tour of the Rubin Museum was an awesome experience and I only heard amazing feedback from our attendees! I was on the tour with Harry and Zak and they were spectacular – I heard the same from the other group so all in all I’d call it a great success.”
-Arielle Parker, Goodwin Procter

Rubin Museum team building tour

The Rubin Museum is the perfect hidden escape in NYC, and we are offering events there on Wednesday evenings (6:30pm to 8:30pm.) We customized this event specifically for the Goodwin Procter team, and we can do something entirely unique for your team.

Want to engage your team in a completely new way? Book a Team Building event with us. Email us: [email protected]

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