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What do most museums strive for?


But what is relevance?  How can museums achieve it?

The answers lie in Nina Simon’s latest book, The Art of Relevance – and we’re giving away three copies!  

Cover of The Art of Relevance by Nina Simon

About the Book

The Art of Relevance is jam-packed with inspiring examples, case studies, and practical advice on how your museum can become more vital to your community.  As Nina stated,

“I’ve been simultaneously energized and mystified by the frequency with which the word “relevance” comes up in the nonprofit world. Last summer, a powerful encounter with two 130-year-old surfboards spurred me from curiosity to action. I dove into research and talked to dozens of people doing inspiring, surprising work around the world. I worked to translate their stories into a tight, poetic, enjoyable, useful form.”

Nina Simon's child with book
Kid-tested, nonprofit-approved. Image courtesy Nina Simon.

“Relevance is not something an institution can assign by fiat. Your work matters when it matters to people—when THEY deem it relevant, not you. The Art of Relevance will help you identify the people you seek to engage, empathize with their concerns and interests, and develop authentic ways to invite them into your work on their own terms.”


Hurry – Contest Ends July 14!

Ready to empower yourself and your institution to become more relevant?  Click the link below and enter to win a free copy of The Art of Relevance:


Terms and Conditions

Contest ends July 14, 2016 at midnight.  Prize winner will be notified by July 18.  Total value of prize valued at $25.

Winner is responsible for providing Museum Hack with a mailing address.  Museum Hack will pay for all associated shipping costs.  We will make all efforts in good faith to ensure that your prize is delivered as agreed upon. 

About the Author

Nina Simon is a museum visionary who focuses on audience-centered approaches for museums.  She has consulted with hundreds of cultural institutions on relevance, community engagement, and participatory design.  She is also the author of The Participatory Museum and the Museum 2.0 blog.  Her work has been shared in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, NPR, and TEDx.

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