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Museum Hack offers a fun corporate activity — private museum tours that show a new perspective on the art pieces. If you are planning a little “group bonding love,” we can help you!  Our expertise includes team building for leadership, creativity, and communication.

If you’ve found this page, you likely already know the importance of spending time on team bonding. When you spend this focused time with your team and let them mingle as a group in a new environment, you get that magical “synergy” that business consultants are always talking about. Plus employees that have fun together in group activities are energized, have new ideas, communicate better and work harder. You will often see an immediate return on investment, and the lifetime ROI of happy, engaged employees is as priceless as the Mona Lisa.


A few ideas for team building activities:

  • Get everyone outside and enjoying the sun. Picnics are cool, but plan games so that everyone can be active and working together too. An example would be a photo scavenger hunt around the city, where team members take fun photos together with a list of objects.
  • Teach everyone a new skill. This doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be) a boring job skill like “how to use spreadsheets”, but instead can be something fun like improv training or voice lessons. A lot of these skills are fun to do as a team and work in a variety of environments, e.g., improv training helps people respond better to unexpected circumstances and turn them around to be fun, exciting moments.
  • Come on a Museum Hack tour. We will help your group have a fun and exciting time at the museum. We can also come to you. Recently we put together a custom tour of the Knickerbocker Hotel in NYC to get employees excited about the grand reopening.

Quick testimonial: Team Givaudan recently came on a “team bonding tour” with us at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They left us some wonderful feedback.


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The team thought their tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art was great! Good energy and lots of fun.  A lot of them are art history buffs, they enjoyed the approach to the tour.  We will definitely be scheduling again in the future.
-Margaret O., Fine Fragrance Marketing for Givaudan

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