Gigwalk’s Team Building Adventure at the de Young in San Francisco

Carly Syms

VIP + Marketing Manager

Earlier this month, we hosted Gigwalk, a mobile technology company, for an incredible afternoon of team building at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. We took Gigwalk’s team of more than 30 employees on a three-hour adventure through the museum. Our San Francisco guides revealed the best spots in the museum that most visitors don’t get to see. Gigwalk wanted a special day of bonding as many of their team members work remotely and don’t see each other during the workday.

Gigwalk took part in several awesome team building events. We led activities such as The Match Maker game and Buy, Steal, Burn, where attendees share which pieces of art in the museum they’d most want to buy, steal, or burn. These activities are great for team bonding as they allow for peeks into each team member’s personality that they may not typically reveal back at the office.

Gigwalk enjoys their team building advenutre.

We also led our storytelling workshop, identifying the five elements that make up a “hacked” story before teaching Gigwalk’s team the secrets to effective storytelling that can ultimately help them when they’re back in the mobile tech world.

We capped off the day of adventure at the de Young with a fantastic team building scavenger hunt, where the team was split into smaller groups and competed against each other to discover hidden stories and objects throughout the museum. The winning team went home with a prize.

Overall, it was a great day of team bonding in San Francisco for Gigwalk!

“It was awesome! It was such a great experience.” – Jordan of Gigwalk

Gigwalk shares their thoughts on their team building event:


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