Art Mashups

We love art mashups! From Star Wars to Beyonce to everything in between, find our favorite fantastic, creative art mashups from around the web.

Monday Funday: Art Mashups by Plus Sternchen

We’re so excited to introduce you to Plus Sternchen, an AWESOME street artist working in Dortmund, Germany. We connected with Plus to find out more about his current work: bringing old masters of fine art to the streets. Plus Sternchen’s project is driven by his belief that everyone should have

Monday Funday: Classic Art With A Digital Twist

Dorothee Golz, a Vienna-based digital artist, takes art history’s most iconic faces and superimposes them onto modern bodies and into modern settings. Featuring everyone from Raphael to the The Girl with a Pearl Earring, Golz’s digital paintings help us look at classic art in a whole new light. You can

Monday Funday: Mona Lisa, Batman, and Starz American Gods Art Mashups

Happy Monday! It’s May and we finally feel like Spring has arrived. We’re loving the following art mashups. From Batman to some hilarious Mona Lisa mashups. We also LOVE Starz American Gods campaign — they mash up classic art and technology. We gathered these awesome images from: Via Reggie’s Blog

Monday Funday: New Album+Art Mashups By Eisen Bernardo

Happy Monday! We love everything Eisen Bernardo does. There have been some AMAZING new mashups on his Instagram Album+Art lately and we want to share them with you. Something else super cool: Album+Art just won the People’s Voice Award in the 21st Webby Awards. Congrats! From David Bowie to Lana

Monday Funday: Our Recent Most Popular Art Mashups

Last Monday marked the official first day of spring! So, even though NYC was recently hit with some snow, we’re celebrating the fact that SPRING HAS ARRIVED by closing the chapter on winter – and looking back at our most popular art mashups and memes from last season.

Fun Friday: Spotlight On The Scream

It’s Friday! We’re kicking off the weekend with art mashups in homage to a single masterpiece: The Scream by Edvard Munch (1893). There are four versions of The Scream, all created with different mediums – two of which were actually stolen but recovered. One version was stolen in 1994 from

Fun Friday: Spotlight On Girl With A Pearl Earring

Happy Friday! Let’s kick this weekend off with art mashups devoted to one single masterpiece: Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring. The illusive and mysterious woman has sparked the imagination of many, including novelist Tracy Chevalier and Banksy. We hope you enjoy these art mashups as much as we