In Honor of Galentine’s Day: 4 Epic Girl Gangs in Museums

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Galentine’s Day is fast approaching, and just like Leslie Knope, we think that this fantastic holiday deserves way more attention than the Hallmark holiday the next day.  

We happen to think that Ms. Knope, as an avid defender of national parks and a frequent visitor of the Pawnee Snow Globe Museum, would be all about celebrating Galentine’s Day in a museum. So if you and your gal pals are searching for a way to honor each other’s badassery, consider paying a visit to any of these epic girl gangs featured in museums.

African Lions

American Museum of Natural History

A lion pride is the ultimate girl gang. Even though most African lion prides have a male or three, they’re primarily made up of lionesses.

The lionesses in a lion pride are usually all related, and female lion cubs will hang out with their pride until they reach adulthood. Lionesses are the ones responsible for finding food for the entire pride. They often hunt together so they can exhaust their prey, which can include everything from zebras to wildebeests.

They’re basically glorious female warriors, just like Leslie’s Pawnee Goddesses.

The Trojan Women Setting Fire to Their Fleet

Metropolitan Museum of Art

In this oil painting by Claude Lorrain, the Trojan women are setting fire to their own fleet of ships.

Why would they do that you ask? Good question.

Well, as the story goes, the Trojans were wandering for seven years after the Greeks snuck that pesky horse inside their walls and destroyed the city of Troy. That’s right, the Trojans lived on those ships for seven straight years, docking at various points up and down the Mediterranean coast, looking for a place to live.

Finally, when they reached Sicily, the goddess Iris (the chick carrying the torch) came down and told the women to hurry up and burn the ships while the men were off scouting. That way, the Trojans would have to stay put in Sicily.

If the women didn’t take matters into their own hands, the Trojans would probably still be wandering to this day. We all know how good men are at asking for directions.

The Bronte Sisters

National Portrait Gallery

If you thought Leslie, April, Ann, and Donna were a powerful girl gang, just check out this portrait of the Bronte sisters, Charlotte, Emily, and Anne.

Between them, the three sisters are responsible for some of the greatest classics in the English literature canon, including Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (each written by a different sister).

Recent investigation has determined that the weirdly-human-shaped golden pillar in the middle of the painting was actually put in to cover up the self-portrait of the artist, Patrick Branwell Bronte. Whether Patrick, the girls’ brother, simply wasn’t happy with how he painted himself or felt intimidated leaving his likeness in the midst of this epic girl gang, we’ll never know.

Four Ballet Dancers On Stage

Denver Art Museum

While we can’t say for sure whether Leslie Knope herself would have picked ballet class or it’s fitness cousin, barre, as a Galentine’s Day activity (we’re betting no), we can confidently say she’d love this beautiful Degas painting of four ballerinas. Firstly, because their beautiful costumes are similar to Leslie’s own handcrafted wedding dress, and secondly, because Leslie loves anything that has to do with women working and succeeding together.

So, while we can’t guarantee she’d love doing ballet herself, we can pretty much guarantee she’d at least cry when confronted with the beauty of Four Ballet Dancers.

Females Are Strong As Hell

Okay, so we know we’re mixing our binge-worthy 30-minute comedies here, but even if you’re dreading Valentine’s Day this year, take some time on February 13th to celebrate the amazing women in your life.

It’s what Leslie would’ve wanted.

written with 💖 by Hayley Milliman

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