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Mark Kennedy is Museum Hack’s VIP Sales Manager & Outreach Hacker.  He works directly with companies, from small businesses to large corporations, to build custom experiences for their teams.  Recently, he built a fabulous, no-holds-barred, “Future Hacking” experience for FutureBrand, a leading branding agency in the world.  Today, he shares that incredible experience with you!


Full disclosure: I am super, super excited to talk about this tour.

This tour was months in the making, and since it was a premium tour, we had room to be very creative. Chris from FutureBrand spoke with incredible passion, telling me what his executive team needed, the inspiration he sought, and how he hoped we could help.

Since they were starting their two-day, off-site adventure for their international team on Wall Street, we tied together the whole adventure by ending the tour at the old face of Wall Street, the facade of the Branch Bank of the United States, which currently stands as the face of the Met’s American Wing.


Harry, one of our amazing guides who customizes content for corporate groups, used FutureBrand’s four main values — creativity, adaptability, positivity, and entrepreneurial — as a source of inspiration to plan their adventure. We found stories in the Met about artwork that put these values on display, focusing on artists, collectors, & curators who have, in their own forward-looking ways, created the future.

madonna and child Metropolitan Museum of Art
Most valuable work at the Met

We also cooked up a special photo challenge for their team.

And on top of inviting our special guest musician to WOW their team by sharing their knowledge and talent in the Eastern side of the Musical Instruments Wing, we also brought in, at the last minute, a special guest magician named Gary the Great to take this work of art & bring the notion of trompe l’oeil to life by executing incredible and unbelievable prop magic. Imagine taking the playing card in the painting out into real life! My goal was to BLOW their minds, and according to Chris, we did!


We love playing games in the galleries, but for a premium tour such as this, Harry created an entirely new game (which we now include on premium tours) called Pitch Hack. The game re-envisions the story of the Dendur Derby. How did the Met get the one of only two complete Egyptian temple outside of Egypt?

Pitch Hack plugged them directly into that story – each team, armed with strengths and weaknesses, argued for why their fictional city was the best place for the Temple.  Chris’ team won, hands down, with their hilarious accents and incredible creativity,


We ended the tour in the American Wing Courtyard with a glass of wine and tons of smiles framed against the incredible facade of the Branch Bank of the United States.


FutureBrand review for Future Hacking

I love working with our team to create these types of custom events together for incredible clients! Seriously, let’s get on the phone. I’ll gush all about it.

Do you want to come team build with Museum Hack?  Call us at 1-800-210-9676 and we’ll work with you to customize an incredible tour for you and your team.

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