From Keepers to Sharers: Evolution or Revolution?

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We were inspired by the article Museum Movement – From Keepers to Sharers: Evolution or Revolution? published by iD Magazine. But we have a short attention span, and it’s hard to read big blocks of text. So we sexified and summarized it for you! Download the PDF swipe file: From Keepers to Sharers or see images below. Keepers to Sharers - Museums have always been about their collections; early museums began as the private collections of wealthy individuals

Keepers to Sharers - It used to be enough to open the doors and let people in. Museums were special. Places of quiet learning and reflection.

Keepers to Sharers - But in recent years, the range of audiences and the scope of their expectations have changed substantially

Keepers to Sharers - Storytelling started to use technology; people loved becoming immersed in the themes, and saw themselves as part of the production

Keepers to Sharers - Museums keep things. Some museums still describe their curators as keepers. But audiences need museums to start sharing collections.

Keepers to Sharers - Curators need to communicate. Their expertise needs to be shared. Hobby research and vanity publishing are pointless. The audiences are the objective.

Keepers to Sharers - Audiences want to be part of the story. Crowdsourcing. Lecture programs. Curator-led discussions. Online presence. Involve the audience.

Keepers to Sharers - keeping and sharing need to be in harmony

Keepers to Sharers - Not everything has to be digital. Collections merit respect and investment. Visitors still want the real thing.

Keepers to Sharers - Museums need to be driven by leaders who understand why both keeping and sharing are necessary

Keepers to Sharers - The market has changed and museums need to evolve to stay relevant in modern lives

Keepers to Sharers - Communities that are served by culture and creativity are better places in which to live, to enjoy life. Museums are not obsolete, but times and needs change. Museums evolve

Keepers to Sharers - Your audience wants to be engaged. Museums can inspire people.

Keepers to Sharers credits

Original article written by Roy Clare, Director of the Auckland War Memorial Museum. Published by Museum iD, follow them on Twitter.

Download the pdf version of this post here.

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