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Team building – we know it’s important, but sometimes it can be hard to figure out exactly what activity is right for your group. Coming up with the perfect activity that’ll keep your employees entertained can be tough, or, if you do enough team building, it can be just as challenging to keep producing fresh ideas to keep your employees engaged and excited.

One of our favorite local companies is committed to making team building a fun and engaging part of their office culture. Justworks, a payroll processing company headquartered in New York City, has done quite a bit of team building, including spending an afternoon in their offices with Museum Hack. With all of this team building experience, Justworks is the perfect company to offer their own take on what makes for a great bonding experience. In a new eBook, Justworks explores more than 100 fresh, new ideas on how to increase employee retention, and team building is a huge part of the push.

Justworks' infograph with team building suggestions.

Justworks offers tips for companies that are just beginning to explore team building and for companies who are seasoned pros when it comes to planning fun company outings for their employees. Some of our favorite suggestions? Day hiking, brewery tours, a trip to see the local minor league baseball team take the field, and pedaling around your city on a bike adventure. Planning the perfect fun team building activity can be a challenge, but when done right, it’ll leave your employees eager for the next company outing.

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