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Do you want to infuse new life into your museum’s programs to engage audiences and foster new members?  

Have you contemplated a Young Professionals program?  

Curious about how to address the needs of Millennials while staying true to your mission?

We can help!  Next week, we’ve set up a handful of times slots to talk with you about audience engagement. This 20 minute consultation is completely free — we want to connect and brainstorm ideas specifically for your museum! 


Ethan Angelica and Dustin Growick
Ethan Angelica and Dustin Growick

Sign up for a consultation here, or by pressing the button below. 

We’ll help you re-think the traditional museum experience in order to ensure your visitors connect with your collections and with each other, all while having fun in the museum space.

In your free 20-minute phone consultation with us, we’ll discuss the needs of your museum and how Museum Hack can help you meet and exceed expectations through our Audience Development strategies. Some of the things we can discuss are:

  • Attracting and engaging Millennials,
  • Developing social media and storytelling prowess,
  • Hacking your special events with our renegade tour guides,
  • Creating and implementing Team Building programs for local businesses,
  • Getting a taste of our Hack strategies by visiting your museum for a day, and
  • Museum Hack’s customized Professional Development workshops and Boot Camp.

Reserve your slot now to chat with Ethan and Dustin! Click on a slot in the calendar below or go here to view the signup form in a separate window.



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Want to know more about what we can offer your museum?  Our Audience Development team has helped museums around the world engage and re-engage audiences.

At the Canadian Museum of Nature, we explored how storytelling helps to create memorable experiences for guests and start a powerful viral loop as guests shared their experiences with friends and family.  Check out what CMN Director Meg Beckel said about the results of our workshop:

At the Asian Art Museum, we hacked their Thursday Late Night Event to present unique, Hack-style tours of their collections with fun games and activities for millennials.  Our guides took audiences on a whirlwind tour of the new First Look: Collecting Contemporary at the Asian exhibit and shared awesome games, activities, and behind-the-scenes glimpses that left visitors wanting more.

We’ve also worked with the California Academy of Sciences, Williams College of Art, and Freer Sackler Gallery. Learn how we’ve helped museums around the world with our audience development strategies.

Museum Hack creates customized adventures that engage people craving new museum experiences. We challenge the status quo to create new content, strengthen existing programs, build social media prowess, reach new audiences, and inspire interest. We are a team of renegade tour guides who have created non-traditional, highly interactive, intimate experiences at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the American Museum of Natural History, the National Gallery of Art, and the deYoung Fine Art Museum.

We are passionate about creating informative and engaging museum experiences that let guests actively participate in the creation of meaning because we truly believe that museums are f***ing awesome.

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